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At Bon Appétit at Penn Dining we recognize the great power and importance of food. Dining rooms are gathering places, and breaking bread together helps create a sense of community and comfort.  We take great care to honour our position on the Penn campus, and identify strongly with the Penn Compact, which places value on collaborative engagement with our guests and our neighbours. It is our mission to safeguard the well being of our guests, the community and the environment.
The future of college and university dining cafes is bright and Penn is leading the pack!.

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A Notice to all Students on the Eat Any Time (EAT) Dining Plan

In reviewing our dining plan usage data we have become aware that in recent weeks there has been repeated and growing misuse of the EAT plan by students who are allowing others to use their meals. While in some instances students may have simply misunderstood the policies, there are a small number of students who are clearly abusing their meal plans and in some of these cases the abuse has been significant. Under this plan, students are allowed to have unlimited access to our dining cafes.  The Terms and Conditions of Dining Plan Participation, which all students are required to certify that they have read and understood before they can purchase a plan, clearly state that these meal swipes are to be used only by the holder of the meal plan and cannot be shared or transferred to anyone else.

The EAT plan was developed in response to student feedback which indicated that our diners wanted more flexibility as to their meal plan options. In particular students indicated that they did not want to use an entire meal swipe when they just wanted a quick snack nor did they want to worry about keeping track of meals consumed. The EAT plan, which is based on a plan structure that is widely used at institutions across the country, was designed to address the requests of our dining plan participants and was never intended nor allowed to be utilized by individuals who do not participate in the dining program. In instances where a student would like to bring a guest to dine with them all our plans, including the EAT plan, provide the option of 10 guest visits per year which can be used all at once or as separate visits.

We do recognize our responsibility to ensure that proper controls are in place to discourage meal plan misuse and we have met with dining staff to review our procedures and take corrective actions. We are also posting information in our dining facilities and on our websites to make sure that all students understand that they are required to honour the policies outlined in their dining plan contract.

Dining has long been part of college life at Penn and the University’s dining program was created to build community and provide easy access to a wide variety of healthy, nutritious food options. The structure of our dining plans allows us to allocate resources and make decisions about enhancements or other changes to our dining programs to ensure that we create a program that meets these goals. However, when students abuse our dining program their actions impact the services we can provide for the entire community.

We know the majority of Penn students understand their obligations and behave honestly and responsibly and we appreciate their support.

Douglas Berger, Executive Director of Business Services

Dining Plans to Fit Your Lifestyle!

New for Fall ‘11:

  • Enhanced dining plans to fit your lifestyle.Upperclassmen can choose from seven convenient and flexible dining plans, from the Eat Any Time (EAT) plan, which has unlimited swipes to the Good To Go (GTG) Plan, which has 25 swipes and $2,000 Dining Dollar$. We have something for every student!
  • Expansion of McClelland Express.Upon returning to campus, visit the newly expanded McClelland Express, which will accept both swipes (meal equivalency) and Dining Dollar$. You will enjoy a variety of made-to-order items, fresh soups, sandwiches, hot entrees, salads and more
  • More themed dinners and café events.You can expect to enjoy themed dinners and events at our dining cafés
  • “Add it as you need it” Dining Dollar$.Now Dining Dollar$ not only give quick and convenient access to all 16 dining locations on campus, our new Add It As You Need It option puts cash back in your pocket as well. The more Dining Dollar$ you purchase the more you save – up to 15%!

 Signing up for a dining plan is simple and easy! Just visit and have your Penn ID ready.