Pathology U, V, W, X, Y, Z for Massage Therapists

16Urinary Incontinence

The Pelvic Floor Paradox Leon Chaitow, ND, DO (U.K.)

Varicose Veins

Definition: abnormally enlarged veins

Causes: improper functioning of the valves in the veins, weakened linings of the wall of the vein, injury, trauma, vitamin C deficiency, overweight, lack of exercise, pregnancy

Signs/Symptoms: bulging, blue veins, usually in the legs

Indications: Massage around vein

Contraindications: do not work directly on vein; Refer to Naturopath and/or Acupuncturist for treatment of nutritional deficiencies


Definition: small growths on skin

Causes: viruses

Signs/Symptoms: bumps on skin, singly or in clusters

Indications: Massage

Contraindications: Avoid direct contact with area; may be contagious


Definition: traumatic injury to the neck most commonly associated with car accident; acceleration/deceleration

Causes: rapid deceleration, injuries, trauma

Signs/Symptoms: dizziness, pain in neck, muscle guarding, TMJ, inner ear disturbances, concussions
Indications: Massage as per your level of training. treatment differs as to type of accident (rear end collision, head on collision or side impact collision)

Contraindications: Have Physician evaluate traumatic injuries

Whiplash by Whitney Lowe Massage Magazine

Links :

Acceleration-deceleration injuries: ‘Whiplash Syndrome’ Judith DeLany, LMT


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