Own the Day

Help us provide 365 days of pro bono design services around the world – one day at a time – by donating one day’s worth of your salary.

We know how busy you are and how hard it is to do probono work.

So, here’s the deal. We want you to donate one day of your salary instead. In exchange, you get to Own the Day of your choice.

You’ll help support the work of Architecture for Humanity and allow architects and designers all over the world to offer their services pro bono-just by clicking your mouse. Think of it as community service plus design (minus the parole officer.)

We’re going to ask you for a minimum donation of $100. If you earn more than that in a day, we’d love you to donate more (in fact, we need you to). You can Own the Day on behalf of a friend. Or, if you’d like your company to get involved, hey, you can go ahead and own a whole week. Or, simply match the donations of your employees. Just send us an email and we’ll make it happen.

You can Own the Day by clicking the link above. Once you have made a donation, choose the day of your choice, and your name will appear on our nifty calendar for that day. We’ll also feature each day’s sponsors on our homepage and on the homepage of the Open Architecture Network.

That’s it. Just think of all of the great projects you will have helped design and build all over the world without ever having to leave your desk. Heck, you’ll be working so hard you might want to consider taking the day off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I Own the Day at Architecture for Humanity? 

A: The black Own the Day button will take you to PayPal, where you can use a credit card or a PayPal account to donate online. Once payment is complete, your browser is redirected to the Own the Day form. This form is where you designate your Day, include your quote, and link to your URL. You’re done! Check the calendar in a couple of days to see your dedication. Don’t worry, we’ll email you a reminder on your day!

Q: Does Architecture for Humanity accept other payment types? 

A: Sure, we do. You may send a check to Architecture for Humanity at 848 Folsom, Suite 201, San Francisco, CA 94107-1173 USA with a note telling us the day you would like to own. Or email us to request the Day, and ask if we can accept your preferred method of payment.

Q: Can more than one person own the same day? 

A: Yes. Up to twelve people can own the day because $1200 adds up to roughly what it costs us to run Architecture for Humanity and the Open Architecture Network for a whole day.

Q: Will someone verify that I am donating a full day’s salary with my employer? 

A: No. We believe in the honor system. No one at Architecture for Humanity will contact your employer. We trust you will donate what you can and we love you for it.

Q: How should I get other people in my firm or company involved? 

A: There are any number of ways that your firm or company can get involved from matching employee donations to making a contribution on behalf of clients as part of an end of year giving campaign. Contact us and we’ll help you make it happen. Also, you can always use our Tell A Friend form.

Q: I can’t afford to donate $100. Is there a way to make a smaller contribution? 

A: Absolutely! We accept contributions of any amount and every donation no matter the size makes a difference.

Any other Own the Day questions?


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