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Overweight Statistics UK

50 Percent of UK Adults Overweight

Half of the British population are beyond their ideal weight, a new survey has found.

  • The survey, which questioned 2000 people, found that 75 per cent of males over 45 were overweight and that 81 per cent had received no weight-loss guidance from their GP.
  • The survey, carried out by Slimming – a top weight loss magazine – also revealed that 87 per cent felt being overweight was damaging their sex lives and 79 per cent were convinced that it was easier for slim women to secure good jobs.

Claire MacEvilly from the British Nutrition Foundation says:

‘It’s an alarming figure. It’s the biggest health issue we could deal with as nutritionists because of the implications on heart disease, diabetes and cancer.’

Editor of Slimming magazine, Allison Hall, said the results showed the devastating impact of being too fat. ‘Overweight women don’t want to be stick insects, they just want to fall within an average weight range and feel happier, healthier, sexier and more confident,’ she said.

Source: Health Media (Aug, 2001)

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