Obesity & Weight Help Needed

Obesity Help Needed in UK

Academic staff at the Obesity Center at Leeds Metropolitan University are lobbying the Government for National Health funding to provide clinics for people with obesity problems.

The Government currently spends in excess of £2.5 billion, 8-10 per cent of the National Health budget, on overweight related diseases. As well as fuelling heart disease and other conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, obesity can cause psychological distress and lead to discrimination in all walks of life.

Paul Gately, director of the children’s weight loss program at Leeds Metropolitan University told Health Ministers at a recent conference in London that obesity levels are increasing in the UK and effective intervention strategies are urgently needed to enable experts to address the obesity epidemic.

Childhood Obesity World Leader

Having established itself as the world leader in the treatment of childhood obesity, Leeds Metropolitan University has expanding its programme to include the UK’s first monthly weight loss clinic for overweight and obese teenagers in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Children can benefit from the expert advice on diet, exercise and health as well as regular monitoring with state-of-the-art equipment.

Weight Loss Program

LMU runs the UK’s only weight loss programme which has so far put over 250 overweight children through a fun packed six-week residential course where they undertake an exercise programme and guidance on food intake.

Weight Management

60-70 per cent of participants have managed their weight effectively since completing the programme which started in 1999, this compares with 97 per cent failure within three years on other conventional weight loss programmes.

Obesity Prevention

Paul believes that strong preventative treatment in childhood can reduce risks later in life. The programme not only helps children lose weight, but more importantly it gives them the necessary skills to maintain their weight-loss in the future.

Source: Leeds University (2002)

Healthy Diet and Weight Control

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