Obesity in US Adults

Obesity in US Adults – Self Reported Data

Prevalence of Obesity Among U.S. Adults

In 2000, the prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults was 19.8 percent, which reflects a 61 percent increase since 1991. A total of 38.8 million American adults met the classification of obesity, defined as having a body mass index score of 30 or more. (See Fig 1.)

Fig 1. Self-Reported Obesity Data 2000

Total Obesity 19.8 per cent
Obesity in Men 20.2 per cent
Obesity in Women 19.4 per cent
Aged 18-29 years 13.5 per cent
Aged 30-39 years 20.2 per cent
Aged 40-49 years 22.9 per cent
Aged 50-59 years 25.6 per cent
Aged 60-69 years 22.9 per cent
Aged 70 + 15.5 per cent

The total figure of obesity represents an estimated 19.6 million men, 19.2 million women, and increases in obesity rates in nearly every subgroup of the U.S. population.

SOURCE: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion


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