Obesity & Cancer Risk

Obesity & Cancer Risk

Most people are unaware that being overweight increases the risk for cancer, according to an American Institute for Cancer Research study. Of more than 1,200 adults they polled this June, only 25% knew there was a link between the two.

Research now shows that fat doesn’t just sit there – it actively alters the body’s normal hormonal and chemical balances, sending signals that, under the right conditions, cause cancer to grow.

However, research shows that body fat produces an excess of substances such as s** hormones and insulin. Under normal conditions these are perfectly normal substances that contribute to natural body chemistry. But in an obese person, higher levels of these chemicals can urge cells to grow and divide at an accelerated rate.

Diet Advice

A balanced diet coupled with regular exercise is still the best way to lose weight and reduce fat. Diet is an excellent plan with lots of practical advice about dieting, exercise, diet-motivation and long term weight control.


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