Natural Breath Fresheners

Miss The Race of Eradicating Bad Breath And Bear The Burden Of Rejection

Using a natural breath freshener to keep your breath on the check is an excellent move and of course worth every effort. Almost all over the globe the freedom of expression has been emphasized. But even with such a big privilege some individuals cannot voice out their opinions on any subject or even get the courage to wear a smiley face publicly due to the bad breath which has by all means lowered their self-esteem. You can bare me witness that bad breath can make life a constant struggle. Let me not even talk of the couples whose intimacy has grown cold with each new day since they can`t withstand the bad breath of their partners.

But a natural breath fresher have all it takes to make things right with the love of your life. You want to hear more? Sure! Trust me on that and Thanks to my generosity! There we go! Anyway do you really want your wife or is it husband to come chasing after you? Will you bear the burden of nonstop kisses from the person you once treasured? Wait! Have you ever dreamt of cultivating high self-esteem? Aha! Would you like to voice your opinions confidently without bothering who is next to you? All such achievement may seem a hard bone to crack. In other words the challenges you are facing as a result of bad breath may be a high mountain to climb. Incredibly there exists a natural breath fresher that can eradicate your shame in a blink of an eye. ‘A miracle worker’. This is the term!

What is the main cause of bad breath?

As a matter of fact the main cause of bad breath is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth. You may have heard a thousand times pertaining to the importance of the mouth. Actually digestion starts in the mouth. In addition we use the mouth to communicate. All this emphasizes the centrality of the mouth in an individual. However the mouth is an excellent breeding area for bacteria in that it has warm temperatures (37C) and is humid (96% humidity).

It may surprise you to hear that roughly 500 different types of bacteria are found in the human mouth. In that case most of the bacteria are liable for making sulphurous compounds which are the main causes of bad breath. The good news is that bad breath is temporal and can be brought to an end by the use of natural breath fresher.

In addition poor dental hygiene contributes to bad breath as a result of tooth decay. Bad breath is also likely to be caused by burning ketones for energy, food that are left in the mouth after meals as well as gut issues. However despite the root cause of the bad breath an effective natural breath freshener can bring all your troubles to an end. For instance you can use chlorophyll to eradicate bad breath that is caused by gut issues. Chlorophyll is an excellent and natural breath freshener and you can trust it to freshen your breath.

What is the magic that’s got individuals talking and intimate?

Reliance on natural ways to fight bad breath has made the world a better place to be for considerable numbers of people. What is most striking about cultivating a fresh breath always by use of natural breath fresheners has nothing to do with your financial status. This is because most of the breath fresheners sell at a throw away price. Have a look at the list of natural breath fresheners;

HERBALMint or pudina

At least 80% of the breath fresheners that have been released in the market have mint as the key components. In that case you can munch on a few mint leaves, alternatively you can drink a cup of mint tea. Their strong and cooling effect can freshen your breath.

Parsley or ajamod

You may have ignored parsley on the basis of being a useless garnish on your dish. But what you don`t know is that parsley contain chlorophyll which has super qualities for fighting germs. In that case you can use it after you are done with your meal as it is an outstanding breath freshener. Incredibly some breath fresheners have parsley oil as their key components. It is also used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes.


From time immemorial clove has been used to treat toothaches. It is usually used in toothpastes and mouth washes also. In addition it is rich in antibacterial eugenol making it a reliable breath freshener.

Citrus fruits

These includes fruits such as orange, lime you can name them. They are effective natural breath fresheners since they stimulate your salivary glands enhancing saliva production. Saliva in the mouth is quite crucial since neutralize the acids that are produced by plaque. In addition they are responsible for the removal of dead cells and food particles that could otherwise have accumulated in the mouth.


This spice has an antibacterial property that aids in the reduction of bad breath. You may opt to chew on the stick or you may add it to your cup of tea. Alternatively you can boil a few sticks in water and use it to wash your mouth after cooling. After you have done that you will be sure that you have just used an excellent natural breath fresher.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds have unlimited health benefits. Apart from alleviating indigestion, they aid in the reduction of burping and acid reflux. As if that is not enough they are liable of freshening your breath upon using them. This is because they increase the production of saliva which in turn fights the germs that cause bad breath.

Is the existence of breath freshener sprays a fact or is it fiction?

Sure. There are diverse breath freshener sprays in the market. But according to the experts report Herbal choice Mari organic Breath fresher spray is one of the best natural breath freshener spray which is free from chemicals, and mint tasting. It has been clinically tested and proven scientifically to change your breath instantly. In fact it has been certified by USDA organic. It is the most secure product using best status among experts.

What features make Herbal choice Mari organic Breath freshener spray ideal for use?

This spray is a natural breath freshener and free from SLS and Ammonium LS. It is termed as the best breath freshener since it is not petroleum based, it is free from synthetic chemicals or dyes as well as cruelty free, vegan and vegetarian. In addition it has outstanding features such as;

  • Contain pure herbs that are known to fight bacteria. A good natural breath freshener must be in a position to kill bacteria.
  • It is has no contents of alcohol, sugar or artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. In other words it is completely free from chemicals.
  • It is an amazing mint natural breath freshener and has a cool long lasting peppermint taste.
  • This natural breath freshener spray is gentle and most ideal for use in case of a sensitive mouth that have canker sores or even sensitive gums.
  • It is easy to use and you don’t have to be highly skilled in order to use the natural breath freshener spray in question. As a matter of fact you will be needed to spray it on your tongue after brushing and eating. The only precaution you have to take is to keep it away from the eyes.

With all such qualities you can bare me witness that this product is the best breath freshener the world ever had. In that case don`t hesitate purchasing one for yourself and the family. You can be sure that it sells at prices that are pocket friendly.

Did you know that fruits are the leading natural breath fresheners? If not now you know. Let’s have a look at some of the fruits which can be termed super breath freshener.


The stem of the pineapple have a digestive enzyme commonly known as bromelain. It is a remarkable natural cleanser. In that case after having a rich meal you can sip some pineapple juice. The presence of bromelain makes pineapple juice a reliable natural breath freshener. In addition pineapple has a sweet smelling fragrance.


This fruit has diverse benefits. In line with that it is categorized as one of the natural breath fresheners. This is because it is excellent in eradicating the bad bacteria that may have stuck on your teeth as well as preventing bad odors.


Apple is a natural fruit and the best breath freshener. You can use an apple to eradicate bad breath causing bacteria. They also stimulate the production of saliva which in turn neutralize the acids that are produced by the plaque.


Lemons has high acidic content that hinder bacterial growth on gums and tongue thus preventing bad breath. Lemon is a common fruit and a natural breath freshener as well.


Bleeding gums can be the root cause of bad breath. In such a situation chewing unripe guava or its leaves removes bad odor. This fruit can cement the relationship between you and your partner. This is because it ensures that you emanate fresh breath that will make you more kissable and charming


A dry mouth forms a breeding area for bacterial leading to bad breath. But the good news is that cucumbers has high water content thus being an excellent choice to keep yourself hydrated. The use of cucumber is the best natural way to freshen your breath. All you need is to suck on a slice of cucumber after a meal. It will surprise you that your breath will change instantly.

To sum it up fresh breath is what will make you a different person from all the rest. And finding a suitable natural breath freshener will make you that person. Try any of the natural ways to freshen your breath and you will love the results.


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