Nakaseeta Academy


Architecture for Humanity is partnering with Building Tomorrow and Gifford, LLC – winners of the ‘rural classroom addition’ category of the 2009 Open Architecture Challenge – to launch construction of the Nakaseeta Academy. Nakaseeta is located in rural southern Uganda, about 1 1/2 hours drive from Kampala.

The winning design presents a marriage of sustainable design, and innovations in community use and flexibility.

Nearing Completion – work has been ongoing at Nakaseeta under the watchful eye of the local community, our new foreman Bongole, the local Building Tomorrow staff and the newly formed Architecture for Humanity Kampala Chapter. Design Fellow, Darren Gill has departed Uganda and is currently getting up to speed at the Rebuilding Center in Port au Prince, Haiti. Photos of the final completion of Block #1 will be online shortly while work is underway on Block #2. Many lessons have been learned during construction which have informed and improved the school at Nakaseeta and at other Building Tomorrow sites around Kampala. Watch this space!

In Construction – behind the scenes many people have been drawing, counting and scheming to make sure every dollar works harder for us while ensuring the people of Nakaseeta have a school we can all be proud of and as a result we finally got the green light to start construction. Thank you all! The anticipation has been building – from local parents to American high school kids (who fund most of Building Tomorrow’s projects), boda boda drivers to team members sitting behind computers in the UK and US, everyone is delighted to finally be “in construction”. Now the real fun begins…

Design Fellow, Darren Gill, is in country as the team fine tune the design and value engineer the project in consultation with Ewan Smith (Arup), Dan Andabati (Building Tomorrow), and Paul Kimera (Technology for Tomorrow).

Grading is complete, we have a contractor lined up following the tender process and ISSB production is ongoing at the site – set to commence real construction in late June/early July.

A Japanese documentary featuring the Nakaseeta project aired in May on NHK in Japan – you can see the trailer here. We’ll have the full version for you soon!

Gifford will be on site starting February 24th, 2010.

View Jessica and Hayley’s blog from their site visit in Nakaseeta.

Nakaseeta Academy Google Earth coordinates:
00 23¹45.36² N
32 52¹39.73² E


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