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RadianceRadiance Breathwork/Movement therapy

The work of Gay and Kathyln Hendricks to resolve birth trauma and release unresolved emotions that are held in the body.

Radiance Technique

Supposedly the true science of Reiki by Barbara Weber Ray

Web resources: Radiance Technique Association International


reflexology-massageMassage that deals with the feet and hands, treating reflex points. Sometimes referred to as “zone therapy” because of the specific zones in the feet,  hands and ears.  The bottom of the foot and the palm of the hand mirror the body.  The toes reflect the head and neck; the balls of the feet correspond to the chest, lung area and shoulder; the arch covers the diaphragm to the pelvic area;  the heel corresponds to the pelvic area;  the inner (medial) side of the foot reflects the spine;  the outer (lateral) foot reflects the arm, shoulder, hip, leg, knee, lower back; the ankle corresponds with the pelvic area and reproductive organs.  Stimulating certain areas may not directly “cure” the aliment, but the points may increase the energy to the organ or related area to assist in healing. Many experienced reflexologist can predict deeper underlying problems from what they read in the feet.

Web resources: 

  • Reflexology- Link to links about reflexology
  • Reflexology research project- charts, research.
  • Universal College of Reflexology Certification and Training


ReikiJapanese word for “universal life force”.  The practitioner channels the universal energy.  The reiki energy enters the practitioner through the top of the head and exits through the hands, and is directed toward the client.

Web resources: 

  • Reiki Alliance- Dr. Mikao Usui’s system
  • Reiki Alliance- Seattle
  • Reiki Simple and Profound A Balancing Practice for Client and Therapist By Shirley Vanderbilt. Massage and Bodywork Magazine
  • AT EASE by Cynthia Piltch, PhD, CMT Massage Therapy Journal


10 session system of bodywork developed by Ida Rolf in the 1970’s. Ida was a biochemist and practiced yoga for 30 years. Works to rebalance posture and balance in the body.  There are many different versions of the work that are being passed on.

Book resources:

  • Rolfing®: Re-establishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body by Ida Rolf
  • Rolfing® and Physical Reality by Ida Rolf and Rosemary Fetis
  • Bodies, Health and Consciousness; A guide to Living Successfully in your body through Rolfing® and Yoga by Rosie Spiegel
  • Balancing your Body: A self help approach to Rolfing® Movement (cassettes) by Mary Bond
  • Spacious Body: Explorations in Somatic Ontology by Jeffrey Maitland

Web Resources: 

  • Guild for Structural Integration
  • The Rolf Institute

See other therapies based on the work of Ida Rolf

  • Hellerwork
  • Soma Institute
  • Core Structural Integrative Therapy
  • Kinesis Myofascial Integration

Rosen Method

Developed by Marion Rosen who studied breathing and relaxation techniques extensively.  The work is about transformation by improving alignment and flexibility using non-intrusive touching, verbal interaction and breathing.  The body protects itself from painful past experiences by separating from it’s true self.  Shortness of breath and chronic muscle tension are a result of this protective mechanism.

Web resources: 

Rosen Method – Rosen Institute

Rubenfeld Synergy Method ®

Body centered psychotherapy developed by Ilana Rubenfeld from many disciplines such as the Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy of Milton Erickson. This method uses many techniques including verbal expression, movement, breathing, posture, awareness and sound to access repressed emotions. The body is the sacred sanctuary of the soul.  Also uses some Aura analysis and dreamwork.

Web resources:

Reubenfeld synergy Method®


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