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On-site/Chair Massage

Hellerwork-structural-integrationMassage done fully clothed and seated; Generally geared toward corporate  or business settings. The ideal situation is to persuade the company to pay for this service for their employees on a regular basis.  Much can be done to reduce repetitive strain injuries and mental motivation.  The Massage Bar is one of the most successful business setting up stations in airports such as Seattle/Tacoma International Airport.

Web resources:

  • Touch Pro Institute – David Palmer – founder of onsite massage
  • MassageBar – Most successful onsite operation offering seated massage in major airports


Ortho-bionomySystem of working with reflexes developed by Arthur Lincoln Pauls in the 1970’s, who was a Osteopath and Judo instructor.  He studied the work of Lawrence Jones.  Orthobionomy  means “correct life study” or ” science of laws pertaining to life”.  The system uses gentle, relaxing movements and comfortable postures to ease the body into positions that unblock tensions and release muscular patterns.  Gentle, non-intrusive, non-forceful movements encourage natural structural realignment and balance. In Ortho-bionomy, movements and gentle manipulations find the position of comfort in response to a pain then accentuate that release. When in pain, the body tends to adopt certain positions to accommodate. Ortho-bionomy places the client in the most comfortable position that helps alleviate the pain, then works from there to release the core problem.

Home exercises and body awareness exercises are given to the client to be done at home to reinforce the treatment. Training is a 500 hour program.

Society of Ortho-bionomy International

Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic-MassageMassage systems developed by Osteopathic techniques.

Web resources: 

Ursa Foundation- Loren Rex D.O. classes in Orthopedic techniques for medical professionals and massage therapists. Edmonds, WA

Institute of Orthopedic Massage

Thomas Hendrickson: studied with Lauren Berry, Rich Phaigh, Paul St. John along with chiropractic training to name a few. Wonderful manual with extensive techniques and photos: ; great treatments, preventative techniques

Orthopedic Massage Education and research – Whitney Lowe: Injury treatments, orthopedic assessments: 100 hour course taught over three weekends


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