Menopause & Weight

Menopause can cause weight gain.

Experts do not admit that this weight gain is a direct cause of menopause – they say it is caused by other menopause-induced behavior. Even so, most women will say that weight gain is inevitable at this time.

Tips on Weight Control During Menopause

  • Watch Your Calories!
    Keep a food diary, then count your calories.
  • Check Your Pill-Intake!
    Are all your pills necessary. If not dump them..
  • Get Active!
    Regular exercise is essential for weight loss.
  • Watch Your Mood!
    If you feel low, get involved in something.

Menopause can be difficult for weight, but you can make it easier!

Diet Advice

For healthy sustained weight loss, choose a diet that follows the Food Pyramid Guidelines and offers diet support, exercise advice and weight loss motivation.


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