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Lunch At Home

Food Calories in brackets

Weight Loss Breakfast Lunch Eating Swaps Lunch Habits Lunch Swaps
Swap 1 cup cream of chicken soup w/whole milk (191) Frozen microwaveable Hamburger Sandwich (400) 31/2″ plain bagel with 2 oz cream cheese (375) 2 oz cooked pasta with 2 oz pesto sauce (500)
For 1 cup chicken noodle ‘healthy choice’ soup (56) Veggie Burger (Boco Burger) in bun w/1 tbsp ketchup (200) 2 slices wholemeal toast, 5 oz can baked beans (260) 2 oz cooked pasta with 2 oz tomato pasta sauce (240)
Save 475 calories (once a week = 24,700 calories per year) 200 calories (once a week = 10,400 calories per year) 115 calories (once a week = 5980 calories per year) 260 calories (once a week = 13,520 calories per year)
Annual Weight Loss or Weight Saving 2 pounds of weight 3 pounds of weight 1.7 pounds of weight 3.9 pounds of weight

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