Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet

A low fat diet recommends a move away from high fat foods, like full-fat cheese, fatty red meat, full-fat mayo and dairy products, towards lower-fat or fat-free options. This is because high-fat foods are calorie-dense and – since many are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol – less healthy.

Also, low fat diets typically recommend higher intakes of healthy carbs, plus vegetables and fruits.

The eating habits suggested by low-fat diets typically lead to a general improvement in nutrition, a reduction in dietary cholesterol and are easier to follow than many other weight loss plans.

Note: this does NOT mean that low-fat foods are always lower in calories. Nor does it mean that eating high sugar foods is better than eating high fat foods. Foods high in processed sugar should be eaten as sparingly as high fat foods.

Low Fat Diet and Long Term Weight Control

Low fat eating plans are very popular with people on the US National Weight Control Register – a register of those dieters who have lost an average of 60+ pounds and kept the weight off for a minimum of 2 years.

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