Healthy Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

Summary of Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

  • Healthy 28-day low carb diet plan for fastest possible weight loss
  • Calorie values given for EVERY FOOD ITEM
  • Carb values given for EVERY MEAL
  • Provides 3 delicious low-carb meals and 3 snacks, each day
  • 2 Phases: Phase 1 (14-days) – Phase 2 (14-days)
  • Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters
  • Full snack list
  • Full shopping list
  • Fast food advice

Low Carb Diet is a delicious reduced-carb eating plan that allows you to lose up to 10 pounds in the first two weeks, and to go on losing weight in a fast healthy way until you reach your goal. Designed to help you reduce cravings and lose weight at the FASTEST possible speed, it is packed with quick and easy low-carb meals, using ordinary foods.

Contents of Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

Each day, it provides 3 delicious low-carb meals and 3 snacks, with over 40 easy recipes plus a great range of snacks. It contains no special diet foods and no protein supplements. Just great food! For the fastest possible weight loss, it is divided into two parts:

Low Carb Diet: Phase 1

Phase One is a 14 Day Plan that provides an average of 30g carbs per day. Total calories and carbs are given for each meal, and a total calorie and carbs count is given for each day. Each week includes a full shopping list. IT’S SO EASY!

Low Carb Diet: Phase 2

Phase Two is also a 14 Day Plan, that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks each day, at an average of 55g carbs per day. Total calories and carbs are given for each meal, and a total calorie and carb count is given for each day. Each week includes a full shopping list. IT’S SO EASY!

This Weight Loss Diet is Designed For…

Low Carb Diet is perfect for anyone who enjoys healthy low-carb eating and who wants to lose body fat as fast as possible.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

1. The diet includes full cooking instructions and TONS of different recipes.
2. The diet includes a range of food substitutions plus eating-out advice.
3. The diet includes complete information on calories and carbohydrates.


304 calories, 11g carbs

Scrambled Eggs w/Veggies and Whole Wheat Toast
2 eggs
3 tsp light butter
1 small, chopped red pepper
1/2 cup chopped mushrooms
1 tbsp shredded low-fat cheese
1 slice whole wheat toast, 1 tsp light butter

1. Heat 2 tsp butter in non-stick pan, add veggies, cook for 2-3 mins.
2. Whisk eggs, add to the pan and cook gently until just set.

Snack Suggestion

40 calories, 2g carbs
1 oz roast turkey wrapped round celery or carrot sticks


340 calories, 24g carbs

Tuna & Apple Mayonnaise
6 oz water-packed tuna, drained
1 medium apple, diced
1 tbsp low-fat mayo
4 cherry tomatoes, halved
1 cup shredded lettuce
1 cup sliced cucumber

1. Place salad ingredients in a bowl.
2. Mix the tuna and apple with the mayo and pile on top of salad.

Snack Suggestion

35 calories, 6g carbs
1/2 cup strawberries top with 1 tbsp Cool Whip or Cream


345 calories, 7g carbs

Chicken Pesto, Green Beans & Tomato
6 oz (raw weight) boneless, chicken breast
1 tbsp pesto sauce
1 oz low-fat cheese
1 medium tomato, halved
1 cup cooked green beans

1. Cut slits in the chicken and coat with pesto sauce.
2. Place chicken and tomato under hot broiler, cook, turning once for six/seven mins each side.
3. Top chicken with cheese and place under broiler until cheese melts.
4. Serve with the green beans and tomato.

Snack Suggestion

40 calories, 1g carb
1 cup sugar-free jello topped with 2 tbsp Cool Whip or 1 tbsp cream

Total Carbs & Calories

Calories: 1104 calories, 51g carbs

Your daily meals on this diet contain a minimum of 1100 calories. Depending on your gender and how much weight you have to lose, you may increase this to 2000+ calories, by choosing from a wide range of calorie and carb-controlled snacks.


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