Low Calorie Diets Bad for Weight Loss


Very Low-Calorie Diets (VLCD)

Very low-calorie diets slow down metabolism.

If you don’t eat enough your body will hold on to what little food you give it. This will make losing weight difficult, and increase your risk of gallstones and gout.

Very low calorie diets often make you feel hungry and deprived, thus causing you to quit dieting and binge.

Research shows that a diet of 1,000 calories or less used over several months results in a percentage of water and muscle loss rather than just fat loss.

It is not a good idea to reduce your calorie intake to less than 1,250 a day, or follow any kind of low calorie diet plan without first consulting your doctor.

Diet Advice

For healthy sustained weight loss, choose a diet that follows the Food Pyramid Guidelines and offers diet support, exercise advice and weight loss motivation.