Motivation to Lose Weight

Help! I’ll Never Lose Weight!

If you have tried and failed many times to lose weight, you probably have a little voice inside your head that says: “You’re a failure, you’ll never lose weight. ” So each time you try a new diet, you’re beaten before you start. No wonder you don’t lose weight.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time – FACE THE TRUTH

The truth is, you can lose weight as easily as the next person. It doesn’t matter how fat you are, or how many years you’ve been fat. If you follow a sensible diet which allows you lots to eat, you WILL slim down to whatever weight you want.

It may take you a while, and you will have several bad days or bad weeks along the way, but unless your doctor has diagnosed you as having a specific medical condition which prevents you from losing weight, you WILL get slim, I GUARANTEE IT.

What makes me so sure? 24 Years of experience!

I’ve spent 24 years helping ‘self-confessed’ failures to lose weight. Some of them were so overweight that they broke my scales. Most of them refused to accept that they could ever lose weight. Some of them even broke down and wept at the idea that they could be slim. But the moment they faced the truth that they COULD lose weight – they lost weight just like anybody else. In fact, they couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Find an Incentive

Trying to lose weight without an incentive is like trying to persuade your teenage child that you know best: i.e. it’s never going to happen! So, before you start dieting, find a good incentive to lose weight.

Better health? Forget it!

I’ve only once met someone who managed to lose weight for the sake of their health. Better health is rarely sufficient. The incentive must be much more specific and pleasurable.

To please someone else? Forget it!

No one loses weight to please someone else. The incentive must be much more personal.

Choose something pleasurable and personal and BIG!

Because if you find the right incentive, losing weight becomes so easy you won’t believe it!

Be More Greedy!

If you’re overweight, it’s probably because you’re not greedy enough. You’re too content with the few minutes of pleasure you get from a mouthful of fatty food.

STOP being content with such a tiny bit of pleasure. Instead, be greedy for a LIFETIME of pleasure.

The pleasure of…

  • Being able to move around without getting tired
  • Being able to exercise just like other people
  • Being able to buy whatever clothes you want
  • Having people compliment you on your looks
  • Having your partner romance you
  • Having more confidence in yourself
  • Believing you have a wonderful future

Don’t be content with a few minutes worth of pleasure – be more greedy! Lose weight and grab yourself a lifetime’s worth!


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