Diet Nutrition

Lentils, like all pulses, are high in fiber which makes them a good protector against bowel cancer. They are an excellent source of protein when combined with rice or wholegrains. Lentils are an important source of B vitamins, especially B3, which is essential for both a healthy nervous system and digestive system. They are high in iron, zinc and calcium and are a good replacement for red meat. Like meat, the iron in lentils is better absorbed when they are eaten with a good source of vitamin C like leafy green vegetables.

Calories in Lentils: 1 cup cooked = 230 calories

Healthy Foods For Good Nutrition and Weight Control

Good diet nutrition is essential for healthy weight reduction. Fad diets or unbalanced eating plans lack the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary to maintain efficient metabolism. Instead, choose a balanced diet plan, which includes foods from all food groups, and offers proper support to lose weight. A healthy choice is Ann Weight Loss Program


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