LA Weight Loss Program

The LA Weight Loss program is a center-based program, offering personal counseling, exercise and a diet/behaviour modification program personalized for each individual. A weight loss counselor helps you with diet-motivation and other dieting problems. The weight loss program emphasizes safe, healthy weight loss leading to lifelong weight management. And there is no strenuous exercise required to lose weight.

Drawbacks of the LA Weight Loss Program

  • The biggest drawback is price. The up-front joining fee for one year can be $350-$400, or as much as $800, depending on how many LA Lites or Nu Lites bars you purchase. LA Lites or Nu Lites are bars which are strongly recommended by LA Weight Loss (the sole suppliers) as an element of the weight loss program.
  • LA Weight Loss is a franchised diet and weight management operation, based in weight loss centers around America. Thus advice about weight loss and the program itself, may vary.


Before enrolling in the diet and weight loss program, verify all prices and conditions.


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