Kutamba AIDS Orphans School


Building Type: Education Facility – Primary School

Themes: Affordable/Cost-effective, Buildings – Detached, Context – Rural, Non-Profit/ Community-based

Location: Village of Bikongozo, District of Rukungiri, Uganda

The Kutamba Primary School is a community-based organization for the elementary education of children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Rukungiri district of Southern Uganda. In collaboration with Architecture for Humanity and the Nyaka AIDS Orphans School, Kutamba’s parent organization and sister facility 48 miles away, the project will include the design and construction of a school facility including classrooms, offices, kitchen/dining, library, infirmary/nurse’s space, and play space. The design will take advantage of renewable energy systems, local materials and building methods, and context-sensitive systems solutions. The construction will take place on-site as a means to educate the community on the building and maintenance processes.

Kutamba is an expansion of the existing Nyaka Primary School, which was established in 2001 to provide free education to AIDS orphans as a means to counteract pervasive hunger, poverty, and systemic deprivation.


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