Katutura Football for Hope Centre

Katutura Football for Hope Centre

The Katutura Football for Hope center honors regional traditions while creating a new safe space for disabled people.

Host Organization:

Special Olympics Namibia (SON)

Football based programs since 1998, Network member since 2007


To empower people with intellectual disabilities to realize their full potential and develop their skills through year-round sports training and competition.

About the Centre Host:

Special Olympics Namibia (SON) was launched in 1998 and quickly became an accredited program under Special Olympics International (SOI). Since its inception, SON has been growing and expanding steadily. A year after its launch, twenty-eight coaches received training from Special Olympics Africa. These coaches in turn introduced Special Olympics to the different regions across the country, resulting in the development of at least seven different sub-programs throughout Namibia!


Jhono Bennett and Thomas Calhoun

The community center for Special Olympics Namibia (SON) will be located in Katatura an established settlement located just outside of the Windhoek.

The design brief calls for a small community centre that provides education and health programs, and addresses additional needs put forth by SON. Based on discussions with SON, the following outlines the added programs:

  • Safe and secure grounds for athletes including universally accessible site access
  • Visual security as well as basic theft and vandal protection
  • Provide a multi-functional space for lessons and ICT training
  • Ablutions that would be developed based on the occupancy of the centre
  • Simple office space for all admin staff as outlined by SON
  • Access and link to the Greenfields pitch

The design works around a fairly simple courtyard that is accessed between the Administration offices. The courtyard provides a spatial and visual link for safety considerations, between the multi-function room and the ablutions along the vertical axis and a link between the offices and field along the horizontal access. The placement of the offices in at the entrance provides additional visual security for the admin staff who have strong views from their desks of those entering and exiting the grounds as well as the athletes who are inside. The spaces adjacent to the offices have been allocated as ‘Private’ areas. The intention is that these could be used for more private meetings/lessons/discussions.

The various possible functions have been listed on the plan. Due to concerns safety concerns, the ablution block has a low walled system that allows athletes to use the ablutions in privacy, but provides the staff visual access should any other activity other than the intended purpose occurs.The offices are intended to be constructed from the recycled containers provided by Greenfields and accommodate basic administrative functions. They would allow maximum transparency to the outside. A small counseling room with a separate entrance has been allocated within the design.The structures have been designed with large overhangs to combat the harsh Namibian sun and provide shelter during the wet spring season. These buildings would be naturally ventilated and most likely make use of passive cooling systems.

The curves also create a variety of spaces within the center, to be used for its many different activities. They create enclosed spaces such as the offices, classrooms and computer rooms, which may need to be locked and/or conditioned. Semi-enclosed spaces, such as the multi-purpose space, are created for larger classes and lectures. Open spaces, such as the cultural space, allow for even larger events, such as dances and festivals, to occur on the site.


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