Jasmine Tea (Sanpin)

Diet Nutrition

Jasmine tea is made from green tea leaves and mixed with fresh jasmine flowers.

Jasmine Tea is the most popular drink of the elders of Okinawa who rarely drink plain Japanese green tea.

It is believed that the health benefits of jasmine tea may surpass those of green tea. Several studies have found jasmine tea lowers cholesterol levels. Other studies found that fruit flies lived 20% longer when jasmine tea was added to their drinking water.

Tea, even ordinary black tea, is one of four main sources of flavonoids in Europe and has been found to be effective against the development of heart disease and stroke. Multiple studies have also supported the role of tea flavonoids in cancer prevention, including cancer of the lung, breast, prostate, bladder, stomach and colon.

The main difference between jasmine tea and ordinary black tea is oxidation. The green leaves are oxidized – dried and heated – which reduces the quantity of flavonoids.

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