Is Bread High in Calories?

No, bread is not fattening. An average slice of bread contains about 70 calories.
For details, click: Calorie Chart Showing Calories in Bread

Remember: Bread makes us full before it makes us fat!

Bread Calories & Health

  • Choose whole wheat bread for extra nutrition and stomach-filling qualities.
  • Use only a thin coating of butter or spread.
  • When making savoury sandwiches, add plenty of salad.
  • Don’t be afraid of bread – it’s a nutritious food and good for weight loss.
  • That said, some bread-products ARE high in calories.
  • A 2oz muffin contains about 165 calories.
  • A 4oz chocolate chip muffin is high in calories (350-400) and fat (15g+).
  • A 2oz croissant is also high in calories (240) and fat (12g).

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