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One of the most important steps in losing weight is believing in yourself – believing you can do it. Attitude plays a big part in losing weight – with the right attitude you will gain the confidence to believe in yourself that you deserve to be slim and healthy.

Achieve the figure you want over a period of time. Don’t be in a hurry, take it slowly. A good weight loss is between half a pound to two pounds a week. Don’t just have a target weight, have a visual goal too. Keep thinking of how you’ve always wanted to look.

Before starting a new diet measure your statistics and keep a note of the figures? Once the weight starts to come off measure yourself again. You will be surprised at the difference. Sometimes when you are not losing the pounds you are still trimming off the inches. Take a before photo and stick it on the fridge or somewhere you can see it. Look at the picture hard and often. It is a brilliant incentive.

The most important part of dieting is to enjoy your food. The best way to do this is to make your food look, taste, and smell good. This will make it appealing to you on days when your moral or willpower is low and needs a boost.

Try joining a slimming club with a friend or relative. This will help you overcome any nerves you may have at joining a new club. Plus, you have the added advantage of pleasant rivalry, where you can encourage and help each other over the good and the not so good weeks to come. Mix with positive people and ring a pal if you feel you are struggling and need a boost.

If you don’t join a slimming club and chose to go it alone, weigh yourself once a week only, on the same set of weighing scales. This will give you a more accurate weight loss.

Don’t wait until you reach your ideal weight before treating yourself to something new. Trying on new clothes a size smaller is a great boost to your confidence. Believe me, there is nothing better than suddenly finding you have dropped a complete size or more.

Plus you get a brilliant buzz by being able to spend money on yourself for a change?

Go food shopping on your own. Give yourself plenty of time to browse around. Check out all the calories on your favourite foods. Don’t be put off by certain foods high in calories. Allow yourself a treat at least once a week – believe that you are worth it. If crisps are your favorite snack, have them once a week but try and have the low fat ones. Don’t deprive yourself.

Be as active as you can, try using the stairs instead of lifts when you are out. Walk where you can instead of taking the car. If taking the bus get off at the stop before you normally would and walk the rest of the way. After a while you will be surprised at the healthy burst of energy you now have.

Every week try and do several sessions of formal exercise – ideally 30 minutes five times a week. If this is not possible try light exercise, gardening or a 15-minute walk around the square. Fight cravings by exercise workouts at home to a video. It distracts you from getting bored and makes you feel better and healthier

Always read the labels on the food that you buy in the shops as many foods contain additives. Watching what you eat shouldn’t just be about counting calories. Try and experiment with new ideas and old forgotten recipes. Find foods with low calories and low fat replacements for some of your favorite foods.

Think of something you want to do in the future where it would be nice to be slimmer. It could be a holiday, a wedding anything that you can look forward to. For me it was the Millennium celebrations.

Always keep a track of what you eat. If you belong to a slimming club they will recommend the best way to record your daily intake. If you do not attend any clubs keep a daily log of what you eat. A notebook, a diary or a piece of paper on the fridge – anything that can be written on to record calories used each day. This is a must for anyone on a diet.

Things to avoid

Taking advice to the extreme. Do not get paranoid about your food.

Don’t be in a hurry to lose weight. If it takes you two years or more – so what! Set
yourself a goal and keep to it. Do not aim to high to begin with – take each day as it comes. That way the extra weight loss, that will come will be an added bonus.

Do not fall for clever food labeling tactics, For example products that claim to be 85 per cent fat free still contain 15 per cent fat!

Feeling guilty. Don’t worry about days when you haven’t eaten particularly healthily. All foods can fit into a healthy diet, so don’t feel bad about what you have or haven’t eaten. Once you start feeling guilty about food it is easy to give up all your positive plans and ambitions for the future.

  • Don’t be put off by jealous people and their candid remarks.
  • Don’t look back, if you have a bad day put it behind you and take each day as it comes.
  • Don’t hide under leggings and baggy t-shirts once the weight starts to come off.
  • Don’t feel you are a martyr to the fridge all the time. If you want a glass of wine or a treat have it.
  • Try not to go shopping when you are hungry.
  • Don’t buy snacks to eat whilst cooking the dinner .
  • Always eat fruit and yogurt if you are hungry.


It is always wise to consult your doctor before starting any new diet plan. The key to losing weight is to count the calories of everything you eat.

Women Men
If you have less than 7 lbs to lose stick to 1,000 1300 per day
If you have between 7 lbs to 14 lbs to lose have 1,200 1500 per day
If you have over 14 lbs to lose have 1,500 1800 per day

Doctors use Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine whether someone is at their correct weight.

The Chart below shows the B.M.I for men and women between 4ft 10ins (1.45) and 6ft 4ins (1.90)

Heights are without shoes and includes 2-3 lbs indoor clothing.

Height Weight Range Height Weight Range
Ft in st lb cms
4 10 6 12 8 08 145 42 52
4 11 7 01 8 12 147 44 54
5 00 7 05 9 03 150 45 56
5 01 7 12 9 11 155 48 60
5 03 8 01 10 01 157 50 62
5 04 8 04 10 05 160 51 64
5 05 8 08 10 10 162 53 66
5 06 8 12 11 01 165 55 68
5 07 9 02 11 06 167 57 70
5 08 9 06 11 11 170 58 72
5 09 9 10 12 02 172 60 74
5 10 10 00 12 07 175 62 76
5 11 10 04 12 12 177 64 79
6 00 10 08 13 03 180 66 81
6 01 10 12 13 08 182 67 83
6 02 11 02 13 11 185 69 85
6 03 11 06 14 05 187 71 87
6 04 11 11 14 10 190 73 90

A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20 – 25 (as above) is considered the ‘healthy range’ for both men and women. To work out your current BMI, divide your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared.

Oven Temperatures
Fahrenheit Centigrade Gas Mark Fahrenheit Centigrade Gas Mark
225F 105C 1/4 Cool 350F 180C 4 Moderate
250F 120C 1/2 375F 190C 5
275F 130C 1 Warm 400F 200C 6
300F 150C 2 425 220C 7 Hot
325F 165C 3 450F 230C 8 Very Hot

This is an approximate guide only when converting different appliances. Temperatures may vary depending where you live and on the age of the oven being used.

Frequent Asked Questions(FAQs):

This section is where you can ask questions, voice your opinions and give out your own personal tips. Also, if you have a favorite menu, which you would like to share email it to the website and I will post it to the members Message board with your name against it.

All questions and advice will be answered as soon as possible but please allow a little time to collect the information together.

Remember, this Directory is being set up with information to help you and if there is any advice you can give back in return please do.

Finally, please feel free to tell us about your weight loss. Talk to others about your successes and your failures. One thing you can guarantee is that you do not have to diet alone, you are among-st friends


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