Does Housework Assist Weight Loss

Housework & Weight Loss

Despite claims by exercise gurus that women can get nearly all the exercise they need from dusting, polishing and vacuuming, a study by Bristol University doctors has shown that while it may lead to a clean house it will not help weight loss.

Among older women at least, heavy housework demands hard effort but produces few health benefits. In fact, the study found that women who do more than eight hours of heavy housework a week are slightly more likely to be overweight than those who do none at all.

Housework & Health

All exercise, including housework, provides health benefits. By contrast, a sedentary lifestyle has no health benefits.

Best Exercise for Weight Loss

Combining cardio-aerobic exercise with weight/strength-training exercises is the best form of exercise for weight loss.

Source: Bristol University

Healthy Diet and Weight Control

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