Hopkins Biodefense

The Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies is an independent, non-profit organization of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Medicine. The Center works to prevent the development and use of biological weapons, to catalyze advances in science and governance that diminish the power of biological weapons as agents of mass lethality, and to lessen the human suffering that would result if prevention fails.

The Center draws upon the expertise of a multidisciplinary staff with experience in the government, medicine, public health and bioscience sectors. The Center’s projects seek to:

  • Provide independent, critical analysis for decision-makers in government, national security, bioscience, medicine and public health;
  • Build international networks of scientists, scholars, medical and public health practitioners and decision-makers to improve communication, create interfaces, facilitate development of new knowledge and ethical standards;
  • Envision and propose medical and public health operational systems needed to effectively manage epidemics and other high consequence events in times of peace and crisis;
  • Develop scenarios for decision-makers that illustrate the key challenges in bioterrorism preparedness and response and offer possible paths forward;
  • Promote the responsible use and governance of increasingly powerful bioscience and biotechnologies within the scientific world.

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