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If You Are A Doctor With Obese Patients

If you are a doctor caring for individuals suffering from mild or severe obesity, please take 5 minutes to read the following resources which explain how my weight management program is helping obese individuals of all ages to regain
their confidence and normalize their weight.

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Treating and Understanding Obesity

Obesity is not an easy condition to treat, or understand. In my experience, obese individuals are not weaker or less capable than people of normal weight. On the contrary, they are frequently more capable – it’s just that their workload or “life-load” is heavier. Very often they spend too much time helping others and not enough on themselves. My weight management program aims to improve this imbalance by giving them extra time and encouragement. So far, this approach has had excellent results, with many severely overweight members losing 60, 80 or even 100 pounds of weight.

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Free Help For Obese Patients

If you simply want information about obesity, weight reduction, or special diets, please visit these pages.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Explains all about BMI, how to calculate it, provides an easy BMI calculator and resources on ideal weight for women and men.

Obesity Information

Deals with causes, treatment and health risks of mild obesity and severe clinical obesity in adults and children.

Bariatric Surgery

Explains the benefits and risks of obesity surgery, how to qualify, and the main types of gastric banding and bypass operations.

Weight Loss Help and Advice

Offers advice on all aspects of body weight, weight control, weight-related conditions, weight reduction for children and adolescents, and much more.

Healthy Diet and Eating Advice

Includes a wide range of articles about healthy eating, including how our modern diet compares with traditional eating plans, the best carbs fats and proteins to eat, advice about the glycemic index (GI) and much more.

Healthy Diets to Treat Special Conditions

Guide to healthy eating plans for candida, diverticulitis, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, IBS, anemia, atherosclerosis, boils and spots, diarrhea and high blood pressure.

Healthy Diets and Eating Advice For Women

Advice about diets for PCOS, PMS, pregnant moms and women going through menopause.

Calorie Needs For Women / Calorie Needs For Men

Easy to use tools to calculate energy needs.

Calories Guide

Includes calorie content of all popular foods.

Diet Nutrition

Includes a huge range of advice about dietary nutrition.


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