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“Well-groomed, luxuriant, lustrous, hair is, quite simply, beautiful and sexy. It can signify youth, health, and vitality. Many women don’t feel right unless they feel that their hair looks good. If their hair looks good they feel great. Some of the earliest known works of art are statuettes of women, thousands of years old , showing elaborate hairstyles. Hairstyles are both a display and can be a communication revealing social status and membership of a tribe or group. Think about the tonsured monk, the Mohican of the punk, the once-signifying-rebellion-and-the-rejection-of-materialism of the longhair of the hippy, the short-cropped hair of the soldier, and the dreadlocks of the Rastafarians as exemplified by Bob Marley. In fluid modern cultures people have much greater freedom to choose the kind of hairstyle they feel best expresses their individuality than they used to feel they had. In America, since the long-hair wars of the 1960s and early 1970s men have much greater freedom to pick from a variety of styles-not just the almost military short-back-and-sides of the conservative 1950s. In Asia, particularly Japan and Korea, many young people dye or streak their hair red or blonde or have adopted the rebellious punk look of the West but usually as a fashion and without the rebellious overtones of political and anarchistic punk……” You can read the rest of this article here


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