Green Tea Extract

History of Green Tea Extract

The Green tea extract is a very important supplement in the weight loss niche. Although many people are familiar with the green tea leave itself, the extract is also derived from the leaves of the same herb (Camellia sinensis). Green tea is recognized as one of the healthiest beverage that is existing on the planet and in addition, it is packed with various beneficial substances, including antioxidants, which makes it very beneficial for weight loss and other medical uses. A lot of studies have been conducted since the inception of the Green tea extract pills, and it was found that the supplement could help to speed up the fact burning process in the body and cause people to lose weight naturally.

The history of the green tea is a very interesting one, dating as far back as the year 2737 BC. The effect of the tea was brought to light by a Chinese emperor called Shennong. The emperor mistakenly took some water that contained a dead portion of the green tea leaf. However, the leaf was actually boiled together with the water and the emperor who drank the water was fascinated by how refreshing it was.

In the early days, green tea was so expensive that only the wealthy people could afford it in China. However, there was a big turnaround in the fourteenth century as people from all works of life where able to access the supplement, irrespective of their financial status. People did not only enjoyed the amazing taste of the refreshing tea, but they also appreciated its medicinal values.


The Green tea extract benefits are still being researched. Many scientists have conducted various researches regarding the supplement and the result has always been astonishing.Green teas are considered to richer than other forms of tea. However, the main reason why the green tea offers more health benefits than oolong as well as black teas is because it is less processed. Due to this, it retains most of its antioxidant properties.

People, who use the Green tea extract weight loss, have many benefits to enjoy. However, the extract contains a proper combination of both caffeine and antioxidant, which are very active for weight loss. It can also help users to lose fat by blocking the particular enzyme responsible for turning fatty acids into fat cells.

The Green tea leaf extract is usually gotten from the leaf of the herb. It is synthesized into other forms such as capsules, liquid and powder form, so that everyone can access and enjoy the amazing benefits of the supplement anytime.

Green tea extract: Where it is the green tea harvested?

Green tea (Camellia sinensis) is a special plant that is native to Asia. The tea has been around for thousands of years. However, its origin is from China and after some years, it became popular in the entire Asian continent. Because of the amazing health benefits, the tea is has now gained more popularity in the entire world.

Basic Description: Reasons the Green tea extract is vital for weight loss

In the choice of tea, there are actually three major types. They include green, oolong, as well as black.Among all the varieties of teas, the green tea variety is the least processed. However, since the green tea is not heavily processed, it is able to maintain a natural and high amount of antioxidants, which is called polyphenols. Polyphenol is the main ingredient in green tea that is very active. In addition, it is also referred to as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). The green tea extract also contains some levels of caffeine. Research has also proven that combining caffeine and EGCG can produce a great impact on our energy levels. What this simply means is that it can help to increase the calories that the body will be able to burn at rest.

Why it is necessary to take Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract benefits the body more than the green tea itself. In fact, by making use of the extract, you can get the EGCG in higher concentrations than when you consume only the green tea. For instance, you may get about 20-35 mg from just one cup of the green tea while from the Green tea extract, a single capsule can give you about 3 to 4 times higher than that amount.However, users should always go for the best green tea extract if they truly want to enjoy the full benefit of the product. Although it can be very difficult to ascertain if the quality of the product is good, but you can be sure about the product when you buy from a reputable retailer. Buy your green tea extract from a trusted pharmacy to be very sure of the quality of the product.

You can get the Green tea extract powder form too. All you need to do is to pour it into a cup of hot water and drink. It also contains the same high EGCG concentration like the pill form. However, the Green tea leaf extract has a remarkable impact on hunger levels. This is why people who take the supplement are able to lose weight naturally. The supplement is very good for the system. In fact, it does not contain any additives, filters, or chemicals that can cause harm to your health. However, if you are not comfortable taking the Green tea extract fact burner pills, or powder form, you can go for the Green tea extract liquid form too. All the extracts have a higher concentration of the EGCG that can help to increase the levels of the hormone called CCK (cholecystokinin). However, people who are using the supplement will feel the impact of the hormone called CCK. It is so natural and it plays a vital role in your weight lose program by making you to feel full and satisfied naturally. The gnc Green tea extract, proves to be very effective in helping obese people to get back to their desired shape faster. It helps to control their appetite and make them to loss interest in snacking regularly as they use to. You will no longer be craving for sweets as well as unhealthy snacks.

Green Tea Extract side effects

Green tea has been used for many centuries by the Chinese people. They applied it in traditional medicine to treat almost every type of ailment from depression to headaches. The Green tea extract is gotten from the leaves of the herb. It is made into different forms such as pills, powder, and liquid form. There are no notable Green tea extract side effects. The supplement is very safe, especially when consumed by adults. However, people who have certain stomach problems, pregnant or nursing mothers, iron deficiency, osteoporosis, diabetic, heart conditions, liver disease, and those who cannot tolerate caffeine should not make use of the Green tea extract weight loss.

However, caffeine is a natural ingredient that is part of the supplement. It is also present in other beverages like coffee. The Green tea extract caffeine supplements does not cause any side effects, unless when consumed above the recommended dosage or when it is consumed by people who have a naturally low caffeine tolerance. If you discovered that you have a low tolerance to caffeine, you can go for decaffeinated Green tea extract. In addition, do not exceed the recommended dosage. Taking high dosage can lead to restlessness and probably generate some sleep problems for you.

True Benefits of Green tea extract

The Green tea extract benefits are numerous.In fact, this supplement has been shown to benefit almost all the organs in the body. From numerous studies conducted, it has been shown to be neuroprotective, anti-carcinogenic, cardioprotective, anti-diabetic, anti-artherogenic, as well as anti-obesity.Green tea is recognized as one of the oldest medicinal herbal teas that are available on the planet. The Green tea extract became very popular in the West, due to the enormous health benefits that it gives to the body.

However, the use of Green tea extract for weight loss has become very popular in the bodybuilding community. Many people are already aware of the amazing benefits the supplement gives when consumed for weight loss purposes. In addition, taking the nutritional supplement form has more merits over taking the tea form. Studies conducted shows that there was an increase in the absorption of polyphenols when the Green tea supplement was given to some healthy individuals. However, for people who do not like drinking teas, you can still get the full benefits that the green tea offers by taking the nutritional supplement in any form.

Some of the benefits of the Green tea extract weight loss include:

  • Offers powerful antioxidant
  • Prolongs thermogenesis
  • Consistently enhance your energy expenditure
  • Helps to build and maintain a healthy immune system
  • Enhances the production of norepinephrine, which is the main fat-burning hormone in the body.

Green Tea Extract VS Weight Loss

After the Green tea extract Dr Oz show, a lot of people stated to appreciate the wonders of the weight loss supplement. Losing weight is not as easy as adding more weight, but with good exercise, healthy diet and high quality nutritional supplement like the Green tea extract, people can lose weight faster than they can imagine. The popular celebrity doctor took the pride of revealing the amazing benefits of this nutritional supplement to the world. If you were familiar with Dr. Oz, you would know that he does not talk about any nutritional supplement without a substantial evidence.

Green tea extract contains a high concentration of EGCG catechin. From studies conducted, it shows that the supplement can activate the thermogenic fat-burning properties of the body. In the study conducted, about 690 mg of catechins taken for 12 weeks actually reduced the entire fat area, thickness of skinfold, waist circumference and the subcutaneous fat region of the subject. At the same time, another subject who took placebos did not show any significant improvement in these areas.

The way catechin works in the Green tea extract weight loss pill is amazing. It helps to inhibit an enzyme known as COMT (catechol-O-methyltransferase) which reduces the function of norepinephrine in the body. Catechin creates an enabling environment for the fat-burning hormone (norepinephrine) to thrive. This is why people, who consume the Green tea extract for weight loss, lose weight naturally.

Green Tea Extract Dosage

If you are taking Green tea extract for weight loss, at least 270 mg of EGCG per day, shared into two doses or three is enough. However, you should be conscious of the dosage you take everyday. You can read the product’s label to get more information about the recommended dosage. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Nevertheless, it is very easy for people to forget that The Green tea extract is a stimulant and take more than the recommended dosage that is safe. However, no matter the form of the extract you take either pill, liquid, or powder form, you can check the recommended dosage on the package.

Where to buy Green tea extract

Although different studies have shown thatGreen tea extract weight loss, is effective but it also depends on the quality of product you buy. Not all the Green teaextract you get actually contains the right ingredients in the right proportion. Some may even be counterfeit products, which contains harmful substances. However, whether you buy your supplement online or from any local pharmacy store, it is ideal to buy your nutritional supplement from a trusted supplier.

Many people like to buy their supplement from the web, because they actually get low cost Green tea extract online.In addition to the fact that people can actually get the best price for this nutritional supplement online, ordering products online is also very convenient. You can just sit in the comfort of your home and have access to any weight loss brand you want. Before buying your supplement,also ensure that you read before buy Green tea extract. However, buy your supplements from a trusted online pharmacy, to enjoy the full benefits of Green tea extract.

How to order Green tea extract

The process of ordering products online is very simple. All you need to do is to create a new account if you are a new user, or log into your account if you already have an account. Next, search for the product you wish to buy and add it to your cart. Add the required quantity you wish to buy after reading some few details about the product. You can also make payment convenient online. Another important reason to choose a trusted online pharmacy to buy your supplement is to protect all your personal information. Do not buy from any suspicious site because a lot of them could be own by fraudsters trying to defraud people. Buy Green tea extract from a trusted online pharmacy, where product quality is absolutely guaranteed for effective results. It is time to look fit and shed those belly fats. However, the Green tea extract can help you to achieve your desired weight loss result.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green tea extract?

Green tea extract is a supplement that is derived from the leaves of the plant itself. It contains antioxidant ingredient such as catechins, which helps people to achieve their weight loss goals faster.

Does Green tea extract have caffeine?

Yes, Green tea extract contains caffeine. Although the caffeine content might vary from one batch to another. In some batches, you can have between 5mg to 20mg of caffeine in the product.

Where can I get Green tea extract reviews?

You can get Green tea extract reviews online.

I am pregnant, can I still take Green tea extract for weight loss?

It is advisable for pregnant women to avoid taking the Green tea supplement. You can check with your healthcare provider to find out if you are fit to use the product or not.

Is the decaffeinated Green tea extract effective for weight loss?

Yes, the decaffeinated Green tea extract is also effective for weight loss. The product is actually made for people who cannot tolerate caffeine.

What does Green tea extract do?

Green tea extract has many health benefits. Different studies and scientific evidence have also proven that the supplement has some anti-obesity properties. It can make obese people to lose weight faster..

Is the Green tea extract powder effective for weight loss?

Yes. All the forms of the Green tea extract are very effective for weight loss.

Can I take green tea extract without food?

Yes. You can take the Green tea extract weight loss, with or without food.

Are Green tea extract pills safe?

Yes. Green tea extract is safe. The weight loss supplement is 100% natural and it causes the body to lose weight naturally too. Although, users must be careful not to exceed the recommended dose per day, as this can result to some minor side effects. Also, buy genuine supplements from a trusted pharmacy, in order to avoid counterfeit products that may likely contain harmful substances.

I want to buy the Green tea extract. Can I order free trial?

Yes, you can order for free trial if you really want to test the potency of the supplement. However, the Green tea extract weight loss results, is always amazing.

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