Green Charter School Facility Guide

Architecture for Humanity is partnering with NCB Capital Impact to create a step-by-step guide for charter schools seeking to integrate green elements into their school facilities. The guide will be a supplement to NCB’s charter school guide,

The Answer Key: How to Plan, Develop and Finance Your Charter School Facility.

The project is part of a comprehensive initiative led by NCB Capital Impact to ensure that charter schools have every opportunity to take part in the green revolution. The focus is on assisting charter schools serving low-income communities because they suffer disproportionately from polluted environments and have limited access to resources. For charter schools to operate quality schools in healthy, cost-effective buildings, they need access to affordable green technical assistance and financing options.

This publication will provide charter schools with tailored tools, budgets, and available resources on green development and facility upgrades.

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  • Thurgood Marshall Academy
  • Prairie Crossing Charter School
  • High Tech High School


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We would like to thank NCB Capital Impact for spearheading the project with the USGBC and to The Walton Family Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation for sponsoring the research and writing of The Sustainable Answer Key.

A special thank you to all the school administrators and peer reviewers who contributed to the content of the guide:

  • Elliot Alvarez, Mechanical Engineer
  • Anisa Baldwin Metzger, USGBC New Orleans
  • Carolyn Choy, KIPP Foundation
  • Elizabeth Cordero, Green BC
  • Eric Corey Freed, Urban Revision
  • Jill Crawford, Civic Builders
  • Elizabeth D’buque, Gateway High School
  • Beth Galante, Global Green, New Orleans
  • Brian Greene, Prairie Crossing Charter School
  • Nik Kaestner, SFUSD
  • Emily Knupp, USGBC Washinton D.C.
  • Trung Le, Cannon Design
  • Martha Martin, Pocatello Community Charter School
  • Tina McGovern, Gateway High School
  • Joan Murphy, Insulation Station
  • Liz Ogbu, Public Architecture
  • Bill Orr, CHPS
  • SooZee Park, Leadership PS Charter School
  • John Peterson, Public Architecture
  • Glen R. Pierce, PCSD
  • Michelle Sakayan, Sakayan Inc.
  • David Schlossman, Thurgood Marshall Academy
  • Jessica Sher, Thurgood Marshal Academy
  • Pauline Souza, USGBC California
  • Jenna Stauffer, Lighthouse Charter School

In addition, we are grateful to many professionals, volunteers and others who lent their time and their talents to developing the guide:

  • Jessica Williams
  • Elizabeth Cohn-Martin
  • Amanda Bensel
  • Rob Karas
  • Heather Johnson
  • Meghan Dorrian
  • Sarah Rowden
  • Erin Terry
  • Michelle Nelson
  • Renee Bisell

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