Go Skateboarding Day in Kabul

skateistan_gsd1Skateistan is pleased to announce that we’re organizing the 2nd annual International Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) in Kabul event this year on June 21st. The team will be skateboarding through the streets from Mekroyan fountain, where the organization was born, to the Skateistan park that was completed late last year (with support from Architecture for Humanity). At the center there will be a competition and all-day skate session, followed by a live Skype conference between Skateistan and the Skate to Kabul supporters in Basel, Switzerland. This year marks the first event to take place in the recently completed park, which should bring out many of their 300 students, who love any excuse to get on a skateboard.

Architecture for Humanity was honored to be part of funding the construction of Skateistans’ center.

Skateboarding Day

Skateboarding Day 1


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