Flax Seeds

Diet Nutrition

Flax seeds, like all seeds, are a good source of polyunsaturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats. Flax seeds contain nearly two and a half times as much omega-3 as omega-6. They contain vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and essential fats.

Flax seeds contain about 14 grams of omega-3 per 100g which makes them a valuable food source of omega-3.

Adding 2 dessertspoons of mixed seeds, like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds to your daily diet can provide your entire daily intake of essential fatty acids, plus calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Healthy Foods For Good Nutrition and Weight Control

Good diet nutrition is essential for healthy weight reduction. Fad diets or unbalanced eating plans lack the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary to maintain efficient metabolism. Instead, choose a balanced diet plan, which includes foods from all food groups, and offers proper support to lose weight. A healthy choice is Weight Loss Program


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