Fat-Burners – Fat-Burning Pills – No Good for Weight Loss

Some diet pills promise to burn fat as you sleep, but the truth is there is nothing in an over-the-counter diet pill that burns fat – nothing!

Ephedra-Based ‘Fat-Burners’

The main active ingredient in so-called fat-burners is typically ephedra or ma huang, a powerful central nervous system stimulant. Ephedra may burn a few extra calories, but by itself it won’t produce lasting weight loss.

And the risks far outweigh the benefits. Hundreds of adverse events that have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration ranging from coma and seizures (to) heart attack and death.

‘Fat Burning Herbs’

Other ‘fat-burners’ may contain herbs (e.g. uva ursi (and) dandelion). These ingredients have diuretic properties which promote water-loss – not fat loss. So if your weighing scales say you have lost weight it’s not because you have lost or burned fat – it’s simply water-loss.

Water Loss Isn’t Fat Loss or Real Weight Loss

Water-loss is regained as soon as the diuretic effect of the weight loss supplements wears off. It ain’t real.

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