Who Are Fatter – Men or Women?

Women have more fat cells than men.

Whereas the average man has 26 billion fat cells, or adipocytes, in his body, the average female has 35 billion.

Fat comprises 27% of an average woman’s total body-weight but for a man comprises only 15%.

Nature ordains that women have more fat on their bodies than men. Fat is essential for reproduction and therefore fat stores are maintained on the female body in case of pregnancy.

Adequate levels of fat are also necessary for ovulation – it’s known that girls don’t begin to menstruate until their bodies are composed of at least 17% fat.

UK Obesity Research suggests that 45% of men are overweight, compared with 33% of women.

However, while 17% of men suffer from obesity, the obesity figure for women is 20%.

In the US, which has the highest rate of obesity, with 55% of the population being overweight or obese, it is calculated that 1 in 3 children are overweight, and levels of obesity are rising.


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