Fat or Lean Tissue Loss

Is Weight Loss Always Fat Loss?

No. When we lose weight by burning more calories than we eat, we generally lose lean tissue as well as fat. Also, some of the weight lost will be water.

On the other hand, when we gain weight by consuming more calories than we burn, all this weight gain is fat.

So if we lose and regain the same weight over a period of time (known as weight cycling) our percentage of body fat steadily rises – which is bad news for our weight. Because a greater proportion of body fat means we need fewer calories, so it becomes easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight.

Fat Loss – How to Lose Fat

Many weight loss products and pills help you to lose weight. Alas, most of this weight loss is WATER LOSS. So it’s quickly regained and your motivation to diet flies out the window!

The only effective way to lose fat is to burn more calories than you use. An important element in this is exercise. Regular exercise helps you to burn calories and raise your normal metabolic rate. This helps to keep your body in good condition and helps to motivate you to lose weight.

Why Exercise is Good for Fat Loss

Let’s say you eat a blueberry muffin (approx 270 calories).

  • If you jump rope, you can burn off all these calories in about 24 minutes.
  • If you walk at 3mph, you can burn off these calories in about 54 minutes.
  • In addition, exercise helps to raise your metabolic rate, which makes it easier to lose fat.
  • Finally, exercise also helps you to lose fat by boosting your motivation to stick to your fat loss program.

Note: all calorie-burn figures are approximate. They are based on a 150 pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories. If you weigh less, you’ll burn less calories.


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