Fat Diet Habits

Fat Diet Habits

A Texas survey of 5649 adults has shown that while 45% of adults reported trimming fat from meat, removing chicken skin or rarely eating potato chips, less than 20% reported they regularly ate potatoes without adding butter, margarine or sour cream, did not use fat spreads on bread, used low fat cheeses and ate fruit for dessert. Thirty-five percent claimed to use low fat milk but 33% never did. Women were more likely than men to choose lower fat foods of all types, although this seemed to include avoiding red meat (an important source of iron for women, which need not be high in fat) and eggs (which contain mainly unsaturated fats). Women, in other words, were more likely to follow current recommendations, which are not always well thought out, concentrating too narrowly on fat (and cholesterol) content. It would have been better to study how many people consumed healthier choices such as vegetables.

Source: Capps O, et al. J Am Dietet Assoc 2002

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