How to Improve your Family’s Diet

How can you help your family to eat better? 
Try these eight steps.

Step One. Serve a little less meat and a few more potatoes and vegetables. Leafy green vegetables are best but if everyone hates them, serve grilled tomatoes, frozen peas or tinned sweetcorn. Boiled carrots are great too, so are baked beans. Always serve lots of potatoes, but don’t fry them.

Step Two. If you like instant meals, like chicken nuggets etc., choose brands that contain less fat than usual. Check the label when you go shopping. This is important because some brands contain twice the fat of others.

Step Three. Cook at least one or two stews, every week. For example, chop up some chicken fillets, plus lots of potatoes, carrots, parsnips, mushrooms, tomatoes and place in large saucepan. Add a stock cube, cover with water and cook for 40 minutes over high heat. Just before serving, add chopped broccoli or a cupful of frozen vegetables. Delicious!

Step Four. Get rid of your deep-fat fryer. Deep-fried food is extremely damaging, if not poisonous. In fact, the less frying you do, the better. If you must fry, choose a light oil and use it sparingly. Or use one of the new fat-sprays. If you want to cook fries, use the low-fat oven variety and serve them once a week. The good news is, most kids adapt very quickly to less fat.

Step Five. Serve more fruit. For breakfast, have a bowl of chopped fresh fruit or a tin of fruit (in juice) or add chopped bananas to cereal. For dinner, add pineapple chunks to stews. For dessert, serve lots of tinned fruit with low-fat ice-cream. For a refreshing drink, squeeze lots of oranges and add some diet 7-Up. Eating fruit is lots of fun but you must be creative! Its no good just filling the fruit bowl and praying for a miracle!

Step Six. At least once a week, serve some home-made soup. Its a perfect way to get kids to eat leafy green vegetables because you can easily disguise the taste. Serve it with crispy rolls or garlic bread.

Step Seven. Buy low-fat dairy products. For example, switch to 2% (low-fat) milk then after a few months try fat-free (skimmed) milk. If necessary, use a milk jug. Then you can be very cunning and mix low-fat with a little fat-free. Remember, lower fat milk, cheese and yogurt is every bit as nutritious as the full fat type.

Step Eight. Try to get out of the habit of buying cookies and chocolate every time you go shopping. If necessary, limit your kids to half a packet of plain biscuits and one bar per person per week. Or, why not bake some delicious low-fat cakes. (My diet has some great recipes!) One final thing: always buy diet drinks, like Diet Coke, not the standard variety.

These eight little steps involve very little sacrifice and are guaranteed to make you and your family eat better and feel better. They help sons to grow up fit and strong and daughters to grow up intelligent and spot-free. What’s more, if any of you have any excess weight, these steps will help remove it. What more could you ask?

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