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Eating Lunch Out

Food Calories in brackets

Weight Control Swaps Dining Out Diet Swaps Lunch Swaps Eating Out Swaps
Swap Open turkey sandwich deluxe w/bacon & cheese (475) Philly beef sandwich (820) 6 oz cream of chicken soup (245) 6 oz New England clam chowder (225)
For Ham & turkey salad sandwich w/o mayo (280) Roast beef sandwich w/o mayo (345) 6 oz chicken noodle soup (80) 8 oz Crab or shrimp gumbos (105)
Save 195 calories (twice a week = 20,280 calories per year) 475 calories (once a week = 24,700 calories per year) 165 calories (twice a week = 17,160 calories per year) 120 calories (twice a week = 17,971 calories per year)
Annual Weight Loss or Weight Saving 5.8 pounds of weight 7 pounds of weight 4.9 pounds of weight 5.1 pounds of weight

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