Dieting is Easy

When trying to lose weight, many dieters tell themselves that dieting is SOOO difficult.

But it’s not true. The truth is, dieting is easy.
And the more overweight you are, the easier it is.

You don’t believe me? Then take this test.

The Dieting-is-Easy Test

1. Work out how overweight you are.
Let’s assume you’re 35 pounds overweight

2. Fill a large pan with water.

3. Place in on your weighing scales.
It’ll weigh about 7 pounds.

4. Now divide your excess weight in pounds, by 7. The answer is the number of full pans you’re carrying around on your body every day.


If you’re 35 pounds overweight, you’re carrying around the equivalent
of 5 saucepans filled with water, every second of every day.

Not Easy to Carry Extra Weight

Is it easy carrying around all this extra weight? NO!
If anyone asked ME to carry around 5 saucepans all day, I’ll tell them to go jump in the lake.

By comparison with being overweight, dieting is EASY!

So next time you think that dieting and losing weight is difficult…

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