Dining Out: Weight Control

Can I Dine Out And Still Lose Weight?

Yes, you can dine out and still lose weight – but only if you make sensible food choices.

If you plan to dine out in the evening, stick as closely as possible to your diet in the earlier part of the day. But don’t starve yourself – don’t arrive at the restaurant ready to eat a truckload!

If you only dine out occasionally you can afford to be slightly less careful about the dishes you choose, as your weight is unlikely to suffer because of an occasional dining out experience.

However, if you dine out regularly then you need to be stricter with yourself. For example, choose lighter foods whenever possible – fruits, vegetables or light soup to start with; fish, ultra-lean meat dishes with sauces on the side as a main course; fruit for dessert.

Alcohol makes dining out a very pleasant experience. Unfortunately, too much alcohol not only adds significant extra calories, it also increases the appetite and lowers resistance to the sweet trolley!

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