Digestive Enzymes

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

These are the enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of polymeric macromolecules into smaller building blocks enhancing their absorption by the body. We all know that despite us eating food our digestive system absorbs nutrients not food.

In that case food has to be broken down into nutrients components for instance amino acids which are got from proteins, fatty acids and cholesterol from fats, simple sugars that are derived from carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In addition digestive enzymes help in the digestion of food.

The body has its own way of producing the digestive enzymes. In fact these digestive enzymes are usually produced by various exocrine glands which include salivary glands, secretory cells in the stomach, small intestines, and the pancreas. However digestive enzymes are likely to fail their performance due to attack by diseases such as pancreatic disorders which include cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer as well as acute or chronic pancreatitis. Such problems prevent the production of digestive enzymes. In such a situation digestive enzyme supplements are ideal for use.

Are there other conditions that facilitate digestive enzyme deficiency?

Sure a number of them indeed. They include;

  • Old age : this decreases the function of the digestive enzymes. And as years advance it is advisable to use digestive enzyme supplements.
  • Decreased stomach acid : Low amounts of stomach acids results to inadequate digestive enzymes.
  • Chronic stress : this is a major cause of digestive enzymes deficiency since it is the root cause of digestive enzyme problems.

Low grade inflammation in the digestive tract which is usually caused by food allergies, intestinal permeability, dysbiosis and parasitic infection is the route to digestive enzyme deficiencies.

But using the best digestive enzyme is an excellent way to make things right with your body despite the damage so far. Perhaps you are wondering how you can tell that you at the edge of your life. And immediate action needed to be taken. And that is, using digestive enzyme supplement.

How do you know that you have a digestive enzyme deficiency?

This is simple. Low amounts of digestive enzymes in the body results to a number of symptoms. You are supposed to scrutinize whether you have symptoms such as

  • Excessive gas and bloating particularly after the meals
  • Irritable bowel movements
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Stools that have the presence of fat and releasing a bad odor
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Low immunity to diseases
  • Buildup of toxins in the body
  • Diarrhea or occasional constipation among others

Alternatively you can opt to undergo stool testing to examine how effective your body is digesting and confirming whether the various exocrine glands are manufacturing adequate amounts of digestive enzymes.

Can I rely on digestive enzymes to manage my weight gain?

With all the counterfeit methods that exist in regard to weight control, then this is a good concern. But the idea of digestive enzymes controlling weight gain is quite controversial. In other words a yes and no can be considered as an answer to the question. This is because the key digestive enzymes which include amylase, protease and lipase aim at enhancing the breakdown of starch fat and proteins and in turn facilitates the absorption of starch, fatty acids and amino acids in the blood stream. This stimulates energy production, repair and the growth of cells. This whole process is likely to cause you gain extra pounds.

Disappointed… Right? Don’t be, that’s not all! In regard to a different dimension i can say that digestive enzymes enhance digestion of food and elimination of waste from your body. This is good news since excretion of waste reduces the chances of toxin buildup in your body. In addition the removal of waste will help you shed one to two pounds. However you should not expect to shed your weight drastically in relation to the use of digestive enzyme supplement.

Let’s have a look at the list of digestive enzymes

The fact that there is a variety of digestive enzymes is out of question. The digestive enzymes are categorized in regard to their target substrates for instance

  • Nucleases break down nucleic acids into nucleotides
  • Amylase breaks down carbohydrates such as starch and sugars into simple sugars (glucose)
  • Lipase is responsible for breaking down fat into fatty acids as well as glycerol molecule
  • Proteases and peptidases split protein into peptides and glycerol molecule.

What benefits will I forego in case I don’t use digestive enzymes?

Don’t even think of foregoing the benefits, for you will have much to lose. This is a matter of life and death. And boosting the digestive enzymes in your body is a must. Some of the benefits include;

  • Eradicates nutrients deficiency; I must have said this a thousand times now. And I don`t mind repeating a zillion time even. Enzymes for digestion facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the blood stream. They ensure that your body gets access to all essential nutrients. This is an implication that nutrient deficiency will be a thing of the past to you.
  • Improve body immunity; supplying the body with all the required nutrients boosts the immune system to considerable levels. Yes it does! Diseases will find your body a hard bone to crack.
  • Improve the digestion process; just like the name suggest ‘enzymes for digestion’ support the whole digestion process. This means that digestion problems like excessive gas, bloating, irritable bowel movements…, you can name them. They definitely will be a thing of the past.
  • Protects the body against toxins buildup; toxins buildup is facilitated by prolonged accumulation of waste in the body. However enzymes for digestion speed up waste elimination thus preventing toxin accumulation
  • Increased energy levels and cell growth and repair; digestive enzyme facilitate nutrients absorption resulting to high levels of energy production, cell growth and repair

As a matter of fact we cannot possibly exhaust the list of the benefits associated with the digestive enzyme.

Is it true that there exists a variety of digestive enzymes?

Sure! Digestive enzymes have a variety of choice especially with the uncountable companies globally that are manufacturing the enzyme of digestion. Anyway I know the point you trying to drive home. You are wondering the kind of digestive enzymes you ought to take. Right? Surprised that I can read your mind? Aha! Don`t mind my expertise! Back to the point!

To identify the best digestive enzyme you need to scrutinize features such as;

Digestive enzyme source

They are three key sources of digestive enzymes which include;

  • Animal source; these kind of digestive enzymes are not ideal for vegetarians or vegans. And they have issues with stability. However they work pretty well with some people.
  • Fruit source; these are the weakest digestive enzymes. In case you need more support they may not meet your needs effectively
  • Plant source; these are the best digestive enzymes. They all considered the most stable of all the other enzymes. They are known for good survival of digestion as well as broad spectrum of action

Number of enzymes

Multiple enzymes work remarkably well for most people. All you need is to look at the labels keenly and identify the digestive enzymes offered by the product.

Consider the manufacturer reputation;

There are diverse companies. And some of them may be supplying fake products. In that case don`t rush purchasing a digestive enzyme supplement without caring about the reputation of the stake holders.

Price of the commodity

The price should be appealing and quality. I would never forgive myself if anybody drained your pockets on grounds that they sold you a digestive enzyme.


Ensure you scrutinize all the ingredients used. You can then conclude if that’s really the product you are searching


GNC has the best digestive enzymes; Is this a fact or fiction?

Thanks goodness you asked! How I eagerly waited to answer such a question. Unmistakably speaking yes it is! GNC sells quality products all together.

  • Have a look why GNC is considered the best supplier
  • Quality and affordable prices
  • 100 % results digestive enzymes
  • Sells the digestive enzymes online even
  • Original products
  • Excellent sourcing (plant sourcing) digestive enzymes
  • No serious side effects
  • Natural digestive enzymes

Do digestive enzymes have any side effects?

As I said earlier digestive enzymes are manufactured from natural sources for instance fruits, animals and plants. This is enough truth that they are 100% natural. Natural products have no serious side effects. However you should not hesitate consulting a doctor in case of a diarrhea, abdominal pains, and experience rash on your skin. Such side effects are likely to be caused by inactive ingredients found in digestive enzymes. As a matter of fact serious allergic reactions related to digestive enzymes are not common.

How much digestive enzymes should you take?

It is recommendable that you take your digestive enzyme with your meals. At least 1-2 capsules with your major meal. Mind you a product that works well for you should eradicate all the symptoms such as gas, bloating and many more.

What to expect after using digestive enzymes

  • Free from digestion disorders
  • High immunity against diseases
  • Full of energy and much more.

In other words you should feel and see if not touch the impact of digestive enzymes

Don`t wait to hear or read more. Use this product and like the rest you will be a teacher in relation to the wonders of digestive enzyme.

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