Diet to Reduce Food Cravings

If You Want to Reduce Food Cravings, Join My Weight Loss Program and Choose My GI Diet

Healthy Diet Plan to Control Appetite and Reduce Craving For Foods

Best Diet to Eliminate Food Cravings

A food craving is a biochemical urge for a particular food – usually sugar – caused by fluctuating high and low blood glucose levels. The most common reason for unstable blood glucose levels is over-consumption of refined carbohydrates like white flour foods. These high-GI foods destabilize the body’s insulin/glucagon mechanism which usually keeps our blood glucose within certain limits.

If you suffer from food cravings, choose my GI Diet Plan.

How My GI Diet Reduces Cravings

My GI Diet will greatly reduce your food cravings, because it includes only moderate or low-GI foods. These lower-GI carbs help to maintain stable blood sugar levels. As a result, your sweet cravings will disappear (usually quite quickly), making it much easier to stick to your diet and lose weight.


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