Diet Products and Your Health

Can Diet Products Damage Your health?

Many diet products promise extraordinary amounts of weight loss in record time if you use their products. The problem is many diet and weight loss products are not only bad for diet nutrition but ineffective for weight loss.

Diet & Weight Loss Pills, Drinks, Fad Diets

Diet pills and drinks can cause muscle deterioration affecting the heart and internal organs, dehydration, thickened bones, allergic reactions and even death.

Fad diets usually are no better because they are nutritionally inadequate in calories, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and or minerals.

No Good for Lasting Weight Loss

These ‘quick-fixes’ are short term solutions to a long term problem and their dietary plans are too inflexible to be adapted to any lifestyle. Fad diets neglect to teach you how to eat healthy during and after weight loss and do not focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of overweight and overeating.

Weight Loss Mainly Water – Not Fat

With most diet pills, diet drinks and fad diets you will lose weight initially; however, it is mostly water and muscle, not fat. These crash diets usually crash. Quick weight lost is quick weight regained.

SOURCE: University of Michigan Website, 2002


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