GI Diet

If You Are Post Menopause.

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Weight Problems After Menopause

Post menopause is often accompanied by sudden weight gain. This is due to various reasons including: (1) a reduction in calorie needs caused by shrinkage of our muscle tissue; (2) a reduction in calorie expenditure caused by reduced physical exercise; (3) the impact of hormone changes on our weight and shape.

If you are post menopausal, I strongly recommend my GI Diet Plan.

My GI Diet is Great For Post-Menopause

My GI Diet is an excellent way to reduce the weight gain effects after menopause. It includes a great range of moderate and low-GI foods, which regulates your blood glucose levels and improves appetite control. In addition, these foods reduce cravings and improve mood swings, fatigue and general health. The daily eating plans include calorie-values for all foods to help you see exactly how much you are eating and to make adjustments to your eating habits as required. The GI Diet also provides a range of practical and realistic exercise tips.


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