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Diet Plans – Online and Offline

The diet industry is booming. Americans alone spend over $80 million a day on diet and weight loss products. The Internet itself is a huge source of diets, both online and printed. For example, see Weight Loss Diet Plan

Types of Diet Plan

Fixed-Menu Diet Plan

A fixed-menu diet provides a list of all the foods you should eat. This kind of diet can be easy to follow because the foods are selected for you. But, typically, food choices are restricted which may make the diet boring and such a fixed-menu diet plan may not teach you how to select the right foods yourself. This may lead to weight regain once the diet plan is over.

Exchange-Type Diet Plan

Exchange-type diets are meal plans with a set number of servings from each of several food groups. Within each group, foods are about equal in calories and can be interchanged as you wish. The good thing is that an exchange-type diet plan teaches the food selection skills you need to keep your weight off.

Prepackaged-Meal Diet Plan

These diets require you to buy prepackaged meals. Such meals may help you learn appropriate portion sizes. However, they can be costly. Before starting a prepackaged diet plan, find out whether you have to buy the meals and how much they cost.

Liquid Formula Diet Plan

Liquid formula diet programs are weight-loss plans that replace one or more meals with a liquid formula. Although formula diet plans are easy to use and do promote short-term weight loss, most people regain the weight as soon as they stop using the formula. In addition, formula diet plans do not teach you how to make healthy food choices, a necessary skill for keeping your weight off.

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