Stop Worrying! Start Dreaming!

I want you to make a new start

I want you to clear your mind and start thinking the improbable.
I want you to imagine what life would be like if you were SLIM.


For example, if you’re a housewife and mother, your day might go something like this.

An Imaginary Day

You get up and slip into a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. It’s raining but you don’t care. You are full of energy and looking forward to a new day. You get the kids up and have a good breakfast. Because you are so cheerful, the kids are too. After driving them to school you come home to clear up.

For the next couple of hours you tidy up, wash up, put away, fetch and carry, do a huge pile of washing and a thousand other things. But you don’t mind. In fact you feel great. After all, you’re not carrying an extra 40 or 50 pounds around anymore. You’re slim.

Then you go into town to meet a friend for lunch. She is overweight, tired and rather fed up. She isn’t feeling herself and has just been to the doctor. She’s not really hungry, so while you tuck into a delicious pasta salad, she eats a Danish Pastry and a coffee with cream and tells you how tired she is.

After this, you do some shopping. Along the way, you stop and chat to several people. Because you feel good, you can’t help smiling and being nice to them. Result? They are nice back, which makes you feel even better. Which is just as well because as soon as you get home you find that the washing machine has spilled water all over the kitchen floor.

No sooner have you mopped it up than your mother-in-law rings to complain about nobody visiting her and asks you to pick up her shopping. You look at your watch. You can just manage it.

You pick up the shopping, rush around to your mother-in-law’s, politely refuse her offer of apple pie and cream, chat for half an hour, pick up the kids from school, help them with their homework, cook tea, wash up, clear away and do the ironing. By six-thirty, you are back in the kitchen cooking dinner.

When your husband comes home, he is in a foul mood. However, because you are so cheerful, he quickly snaps out of it. He even suggests going out for a meal at the weekend.

The fact is, ever since you lost weight, he has been much more romantic and attentive.

After a light dinner of chicken and vegetables, you finish off the chores, watch some TV and collapse into bed. Before closing your eyes, you remind yourself how wonderful it is to be slim. OK, you have to keep looking after everyone and you still have to get someone to fix the washing machine, but somehow it’s all so much easier when you haven’t got a ton of weight on your back!

Is this how you would like to be? If so, start dreaming about it! Why? Because this helps to make the whole thing more real. It helps to make it seem possible. Result? You may decide to make your dream come true.

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