Weight Loss Diet Tips For Taurus Men

TAURUS (20 April-20 May)

Weight Loss Problems for Taurus Man

Taurus Man has several problems when it comes to weight loss. He loves rich, sweet food, he has a slow metabolism and he dislikes strenuous exercise! Weight loss is also made difficult for Taurus Man who is often determination to hold on to fixed ideas. A new diet plan is viewed with suspicion, as are all things new.

Weight Loss Strengths for Taurus Man

Taurus Man’s greatest weight loss asset is his refusal to let anything get the better of him! Weight loss is one area where his stubborn nature works in his favour. Taurus Man is patient, well organized and methodical, all qualities necessary to ensure success on a weight loss diet.

Best Exercise for Taurus Man

Any form of exercise will help speed up a slow metabolism. A combined diet and exercise plan is important for Taurus Man. He prefers gentle exercise like walking, golfing, bowling and horse riding. Unlike other star signs, Taurus Man is not bored by exercise machines at the gym. Taureans are great gardeners and can burn 500 calories an hour mowing the lawn!

Diet Advice for Taurus Man

A very low calorie or fad diet is not for Taurus Man. He loves food and he should choose a diet plan that does not leave him hungry. Taureans are inclined to overeat and hunger only leads to binge eating. Wholewheat breads and cereals, apples, grapes, pears and berries are all good foods for the typical Taurus Man.

Diet Tip for Taurus Man

Don’t be afraid of change – instead embrace it! Choose a healthy diet plan that allows you plenty of food. Set yourself a realistic goal knowing that, with your great patience and perseverance, you will reach it.

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