Cut Calories

Cut Calories to Lose Weight

When many dieters start counting calories, they are shocked by the amount of calories they consume, especially when they eat fast-food.

One of the big secrets of successful weight loss is to switch from high-calorie foods (fatty meats, oily dressings, regular soft drinks) to lower-calorie options (fish, zero-calorie dressings, water).

Dieting Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Eating Less

Remember, dieting doesn’t mean eating less – it means eating differently. Most people who start my diet are amazed by how much food they can eat and STILL lose weight!

For calories, see Calories Index
For better food choices, see Calories – Best & Worst

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How to Cut Calories

In order to cut calories we need to develop an understanding of diet nutrition and food values. For example, fat contains 9 calories per gram. That’s more than twice the calories of carbohydrates or protein. So to cut calories, we need to eat less fat.

Only by changing our eating habits can we successfully cut calories and lose weight. That’s why diet pills can’t help us to lose weight because they don’t help us develop better eating habits.

How to Cut Calories by Eliminating a Bad Weekly Habit

1/8 of a 10″ Pumpkin pie contains about 520 calories.
It is not an ideal food if you want to cut calories.

By NOT eating a slice of Pumpkin pie, once a week, you save about 27,040 calories, per year.

This is the equivalent of 7.8 pounds of weight.


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