Do you know that your aging process can be reduced by just making use of cordyceps? Have you ever wondered on the possibility of advancing in age, and still look younger, fresher, and agile? Have you really had the time to think about becoming old, but without the presence of any form wrinkles or facial lines?

Aging, which can also be spelt as aging, simply refers to the process of growing older; this process is often experienced by animals, human beings, other organisms, etc. Aging in a broader term, is seen as the accumulation of social, physical, and psychological changes.

This phenomenon is also seen as a causative agent to a lot of health issues and diseases, and over 100,000 people that die daily, die from health issues related to aging. Although aging is a risk factor, there have not been any proven causes of it. However, there have been different beliefs by different people from different walks of life on the causes of aging; some claim irregular exercise attributes to aging, while others claim stress, and malnutrition are the core causes of it.

Irrespective of what people believed on to be the causes of aging, there is only one thing we believe in; the process of aging can be reduced.Aging is a process that is certain, and thus we can’t run from it, but we can still look fresher, younger, and active, while undergoing that process. Then, the big question is, HOW?

Well, that is why cordyceps supplement have come into existence; to better the health of people in numerous ways. So, what do you really know about cordyceps?


The cordyceps is a fungus that exists on some particular caterpillars.The habitats of the caterpillars are often in the regions of high mountains located in some of the countries in the Asian continent, such as China. A lot of supplement makers have been able to discover the usefulness of the cordyceps fungus, and to that effect, they brought cordyceps supplement into existence.

The cordyceps is the scientific name of YartsaGunbu, which is a type of the sac fungi (Ascomycete fungi), which includes over 350 species in its group, and has cordyceps fungi as its plural form. All of the species are parasitic; some are on insects, other fungi, and other arthropods. For a long time, cordyceps sinensis has been recorded as the best specie.

We all know that fungi are indispensable components of the flora and fauna, but this particular type of the Ascomycete fungi has a great deal when it comes to being important; for some centuries now, they have been used in a whole lot of herbal medicines. That is unarguably the reason behind its global recognition and demand by millions of people.

A research on the cordyceps fungi collection proved that they contain some special biochemicals that imitate present medicinal substances in a physical way. Each cordyceps mushroom contains a variety of chemical compounds and components that make them mostly valuable in the production of some traditional medicines, as they are available globally and also comparatively inexpensive.

The high the popularity of cordyceps proliferates, the more the access and variety of it becomes; this means that a vast portion of the world’s population have really gone into it, and also making a variety of products from the fungus. Some of the varieties include, liquid cordyceps extract, powders, capsules, and tinctures.However, one weird truth about the cordyceps is the look of a cordyceps mushroom when dried up; a dried mushroom often has the look of a long finger with an orange or a brown colour.

There are ways of consuming cordyceps; one can buy the whole of it and use while cooking soups for the purpose of adding flavour to the soup. One can also make use of the dehydrated and grounded fungi to brew tea. So, the choice of how one consumes this particular genus is an individual stuff.

Prior to the widespread of cordyceps and its global recognition, the origin of some of the species, such as cordyceps sinensis, is certainly from the Asian continent, China to be precise. That is what gave rise to the frequent presence of cordyceps in almost all the traditional/herbal medicines you can find in the region. Now, let’s proceed to the next phase of this article, which is, the benefits of cordyceps.


A lot have been said about cordyceps, and if nothing is said about cordyceps benefits, then everything will seem to be useless. Every good product must have benefits/uses that will distinguish it from other similar products. Therefore, some of the benefits of cordyceps include:



This is the number one in the list of cordyceps benefits, and seems to be the main reason behind its global recognition. A lot of people have claimed to know the clandestine to anti-aging, but it has been proven that, the use of cordyceps is a good way of reducing the aging process of a person. It contains anti-aging compounds that help in rejuvenating the skin, eliminating dead cells, and improving the appearance of the skin.

Remedy for sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is becoming a common health problem to a large population of men. Although some of them find it hard to admit that they are suffering from that, records of those that opened up seem so overwhelming. Well, the truth is that cordyceps has obvious impacts it makes; records have it that some men with sexual dysfunctions, such as poor sex drive and low sexual energy, experienced positive improvements after the addition of cordyceps supplement in their daily diet.

Boosts the immune system

The third on the list of benefits of cordyceps is its ability to boost someone’s immune system. People with poor immune systems easily get attacked by diseases and ailments. What cordyceps does as an immune system booster is to directly fire up the production of natural killer (NK) cells. These NK cells are among the first lines of defense the body uses to fight infections and diseases.

Prevents cancer

On a daily basis, a lot of people are diagnose with one form of cancer or the other; in fact, a lot of people have died from one cancerous disease or the other. In recent time, there have been searches for the big solution; and the biochemical components and compounds present in cordyceps seem to do the magic. Consuming cordyceps mushroom, cordyceps sinensis,or cordyceps extract can help lower the level at which the cancer spreads. It helps in making the elimination easy, putting it into remission, and also in the removal of free radicals from the body.

It prevents heart problems


A study carried out on the benefits of cordyceps showed that powdered cordyceps has the ability of preventing heart failures. The fungus can help in preventing heart arrhythmia’s and other impediments, as a result of the presence of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory components of the herb.

Boosting of energy in user’s body is another benefit of the herb, and has been used by a lot of athletes. For people in need of energy, the herb intensifies the quantity of energy uptake in their body, and enhances the production of cellular energy in their bodies.

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