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I started your plan just over a week ago, weight last Tuesday was 236 pounds. This morning was a shock, my weight today is 210 pounds!!! This is a terrific flying start! So I shall raise my glass to you tonight! Cheers, -Judy

It is 14 weeks since I began your diet,
and I’ve lost 25 pounds.
My goal was 30 pounds so I only have 5 pounds more to go.

My girls keep asking me
“What’s the first thing you are going to
have when you meet your goal and
go off your diet?”

Well, I’m not going “off my diet.”
I don’t have a diet.
What I have is a new way of eating — a new, healthier habit and attitude
regarding food.

Now that I’m in the “home stretch,” I’ve been thinking about setting a
new goal. I began at 165 pounds,
I’m now at 140. My goal was 135 pounds, but I’m thinking about setting a new goal
of 130. Gosh, I can hardly believe it
(and just in time for summer!).
I’ve also lost 3 to 3 1/2 inches off each of
my measurements.

Just wanted to keep you informed of my progress and especially to take this opportunity to again thank you for your encouragement. Talk to you soon.

Just a quick update on my progress so far with your diet. It has now been 11 weeks and I have shed 18-20 pounds. The realization of just how much weight this
is came when I grabbed two 10 pound
bags of potatoes and jumped on
the scales. Wow!
I was carrying that much extra baggage?


I received your diet plan about two weeks ago. I can’t believe I get to eat so much and lose weight! I’ve lost 5 pounds!!

I just wanted to tell you that I started
your diet on Monday morning, (and I put
my husband on it too). I have never felt
so good while dieting before. I know it
has only been three days, but I really feel this is one I can stick to forever. It’s not even a diet really, it’s just changing bad eating habits. Thank you so much for
all the information you have on your site,
I surfed the sight last night trying to glean as much information as possible.

I’ve lost 40 lbs in four months. This diet is wonderful…I have never
stuck to one for this length of time!

II’ve been following your diet and tips for almost 2 months and it’s been
really great!!! I’m feeling better everyday, and the best part is I’ve been losing
weight without even noticing!! What’s best is the part about surviving eating
out… That really helped me a lot,
especially since I travel frequently. I’m
now convinced that the only way to
make it is to change my eating habits…

Thank you for such a great diet. When you read it and practice it, it’s really common sense!

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your weight loss plan is. Thanks so much for helping me start a new life as a healthier person!!!

I’ve only been on the vegetarian diet for
one week but am very pleased so far.
I love that you have a 14 day plan so I
can just stick to that and get started right away while I am still reading and learning
all the rules.
I’m eating a greater variety of foods than
I was before and I love it. Planning meals
is always I challenge… I love that you’ve done that for me.

Thank you for the great presentation. I’m
a busy mom, and some of our poor eating habits and snack choices have crept up
on us in the past few years. I was looking for someone who had put together a
healthy diet plan that would work for the family and create healthy eating habits. Looks like you’ve saved me a lot of time
and trouble!

I have just purchased your Vegetarian
diet plan online and I must say that
I’m very impressed with the common
sense and your terrific humor.
I only have 10lbs to lose and wanted
your diet recipes to give me more food variety. Many thanks for giving me a
good laugh as well as putting me on
the right track diet-wise.

Got your diet. I think its brilliant.
I love your recipes!

I have been following your USA diet for 1 week now. I have lost 5 pounds so far and find the diet very easy to follow.

My name is Angie and so far I love
this diet.
I have never really been what you would
call a slimmer, up until I had my son I was very happy w/ my body but I know w/ your help and my self control I will get back to the way I was before.

I recently bought your vegetarian diet and let me tell you that it is actually amazing.
I cook dishes almost everyday and they
are just great.

Hi! I wrote to you about 2 weeks ago
that I thought I had hit a plateau
(only losing 1 pound in two weeks).

You suggested that I check your troubleshooting page. Here’s my success.

First, I increased my exercise each day.
I now do a fast walk on the treadmill 35 minutes each day. Also, upon reading
your troubleshooting guide, I discovered what may have been the source of my
problem – on a few days, I have gone
5-6 hours without eating (because
I’ve been on the run or tied up with activities).

I found a great solution for this – a month
or so ago I wrote that eating two cups
of vegetables each night was a bit overwhelming. During dinner, I would be
full but still trying to polish off all the vegetables. So, for the past two weeks,
I’ve been measuring out 1 cup of raw
peeled baby carrots. I eat that cup
during the day (as an easy quick snack)
and also take it with me in a bag when
I will be running a lot of errands so I
never go longer than 3 hours without
eating something. There’s also the
benefit at dinner time — only having
1 cup of veggies with dinner
(which is just perfect to satisfy me) makes the meal very enjoyable. It’s just right! During the last two weeks I have lost an additional 5 pounds!

To date – 8 weeks – I have lost 15 pounds total!!! Also, I wanted to tell you that
prior to your diet, I never tried
whole wheat bread, oat bread, etc.
Now, I so enjoy eating these breads
that I would never go back to white bread. My family is also jumping on the healthy eating wagon.
My husband also prefers my “healthy”
breads and loves having a fruit smoothie (instead of eggs fried in butter) for
breakfast. The children are eating more
fresh fruits (probably because I have so
much of it in the house. Before, I would
have a little fruit in the house once in a
while). Thank you so very much for all
you do! Hope all is well with you.
Take care and God bless!

Thought I would just write and say so far you have another success to add to your credits. 12 pounds in 5 weeks and feeling great! Thanks for your help!

The best weight loss diet I’ve ever tried and – believe me – I tried them all! I’ve lost 112 pound, I’m more confident and I feel fantastic. After years of putting up with being fat, I can now start living life
to the full.

I dressed in leggings, men’s large T-shirts and maternity clothes. I hated going shopping: nothing fitted. I had to do something, so I did. I tried diet and I’ve lost 70 pounds and I feel great!

Since I started diet I’ve managed to lose 77 pounds. My life has changed dramatically in so many ways.
My confidence is at an all time high and,
best of all, I can fit into any clothes I want. I never get hungry or bored with what I eat as there is a huge variety of foods to choose from.

Since starting diet, I’ve lost 56 pounds. I feel more energetic, more confident and I can buy the clothes I like. I wear brighter colors than before and love going out now. I strongly recommend this diet – you can eat lots and still lose weight!

I am a new person since I went on diet! When I started I was 230 pounds. Now, proudly, I can say I am 174 pounds and I feel great! I recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Weight loss is easy on diet. There’s no pain! I’ve lost 50 pounds and I can’t believe how easy it’s been.

Thanks to weight loss diet, I’ve thrown away all my indigestion tablets.

I used to feel so tired. Then my doctor recommended diet. Now, my weight is down, (21 pounds) I’m eating more, I’ve got lots more energy and I feel great.

Diet isn’t really like a diet. It’s just lots of ordinary food. Before I went on it, I was overweight, overtired, my blood pressure was up and I had breathing problems. Now, I’m nearly 30 pounds
lighter, my blood pressure is fine and so is my breathing.

Diet helps you to lose weight without regaining it. Two years ago I lost 40 pounds and I’m still 40 pounds lighter and I feel great!

Since I started following diet, I’ve lost more than 40 pounds, I’m eating lots of good food, I’m enjoying regular exercise and I feel great.

I lost over 60 pounds on diet. For me it means being able to buy a size 14 pair of denim jeans instead of XXL tracksuit bottoms!

Because of my erratic lifestyle and various other pressures, my weight got worse and worse. I was tired and suffered from constant indigestion. (I was taking indigestion tablets after every meal!) Now, thanks to diet my weight has gone down by 56 pounds, my indigestion has disappeared completely and I feel much livelier. I’m beginning to believe that I can get rid of my weight problem for good.

Since my husband started diet 10 weeks ago, he has lost 28 pounds and his cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically. I can’t believe it and neither can he!’

Describing her husband Tom, aged 48, who lost 28 pounds accompanied by a significant drop in cholesterol levels

“Thank you for all your lovely items in the Southern Star. I read them every week they are full of common sense and I follow your tips and enjoy doing so especially this week’s article.”
-Mrs. H. (Macroom)

“Your diet has helped me to lose 35 pounds in the past year. I would just like to say that it is the only diet I have ever managed to stick to and I have highly recommended it to others.”
-Ms M. (Co. Cork)

“I love your weekly articles in the Southern Star and thank you so much for sharing them with us. I have them all kept and photocopied for future reference.”
-Mrs. B. (Cork)

“I look forward to your column in the Star every week. Keep up the good work and I am quite sure you have been a life-saver to many people.”
-Mrs. M. (Kinsale)

“I love reading you each week. It’s the first article that I read. Thank you for all the trouble you go to for all of us.”
-Mrs. G. (Waterford)

“Though I do not know you personally I am always looking forward to your weekly slimming advice in the Star. I really do enjoy reading it.”
-Ms D. (Clonakilty)

“I have been meaning to write to you over the past number of weeks to compliment you on your weekly article in the Southern Star, may I say it gives great inspiration to people like myself.”
-Mrs. S. (Beara)

“Thank you for your weekly column. I’m not overweight, but I have been, and could very well be again if I didn’t have the regular spur of thinking sensibly which your writing provides.”
-Ms R. (Co Cork)

“I really enjoy your column in the Star. Many thanks for your encouragement every week.”
-Mrs. M. (Bantry)

“Many, many thanks for the advice, comfort, reassurance and encouragement we receive weekly from you. I cannot express my dependence on your column to maintain that fine line between self-indulgence and that very vulnerable self-esteem. It is a gourmet meal in itself to read you.”
-Ms K. (Co. Cork)

“I read your article in the Southern Star every week. It is very interesting and full of sound sensible advice. Keep up the good work.”
-Mrs. D. (Co Cork)

“I love your column and read it avidly every week.”
-Mrs. OD. (Skibbereen)

“I would like to say how much I enjoy your column. You come across as being so down to earth about slimming and I am looking forward to walking down Patrick Street next Christmas looking for that size 12 dress!!”
-Mrs. L. (Cork)

“I enjoy reading your article in the Star every week. I’ve lost a lot of weight by following your advice and I feel so much more energetic.”
-Mrs. S. (Schull)

“Thank you for all your very interesting slimming tips in the Star. I look forward to them each week.”
-Mrs. C. (Clonakilty)

“I look forward to the Star each week and reading about the slimming because you have something new to say every week and its interesting.”
-Mrs. C. (Co Cork) 


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